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A rich homeless

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quinta-feira, 26 de janeiro de 2017

England to Italy

Think about a hard day traveling... I came from a small village in England called Cholderton and I had to go from England to Italy, the cheapest way that I found was taking a flight from Bristol. It was the cheapest what but not necessary cheap and quite of complex.

I didn't have a great time with the public transport in England, it's crazy expensive to travel by train, there is no a lot blablacar available as other parts of Europe. About busses I didn't find a lot routes for places that I was going and if you don't buy it in advantage the prices just rise twice or three times more than the first price that you saw days ago.

Unfortunately I don't know yet how to do hitchhiking, I had some success trips, but other a failed. 

The best route that I find to go to Italy was:

1) Walk 50min in the narrow highway (7:00am) Super foggy until Grateley. I felt myself in dangerous couples times because of the cars. The highway had no Shoulder-strap.

2) Take a train from Grateley to Salisbury - 12min - 5 Pounds. For me this price doesn't make sense. But I heard that it was the minimum price for trains in England, it doesn't matter the distance.

3) Take another train from Salisbury to Bristol. It was a little bit more than 1 hour (50 miles), 10 pounds. Cheap for the english standard of ticket prices.

4) Take a bus for 7 pounds from the Bristol's city center to the airport (12km) 7 pounds :(. If I have time and a lighter backpack I would walk to there.

5) Take the flight from Bristol to Bergamo (17 Pounds). Ryanair always making my dreams possible.

6) Walk 3km from the Bergamo's Airport to the place that my blablacar would pick me up.

7) More 2h20min by Blablacar to Turin. A trip of 185km for 8 euros, a really good deal!

Then I finally arrived in Turin, after 13 hours traveling.

It would be easy and beautiful to take a taxi from the place that I was, take a train to the London airport and a flight directly to Turin, but It didn't fit in my wallet. 

I'm sorry but I don't have any plan to come back to England soon until I learn how to do hitchhiking.

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