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A rich homeless

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quinta-feira, 26 de janeiro de 2017

The truth behind pictures

A rich homeless

1) Don’t read my title literally. I’m not rich. I’m so far away from that. The fact that I’m living in Europe and traveling around here (even in expensive cities) doesn’t mean that I have money. It’s a fact that could be in the mind of my Facebook friends or people that just follow in social networks. The fact that I’ve been in expensive countries such as Norway, Sweden, England and Switzerland doesn’t mean that I went to restaurant, spent a big amount of money in hotels, visited museums that prices starts from 10 euros or went to fancy parties or spent more than 50 euros in 5 drinks. Definitely not, By the way I’m currently living in Luxembourg City, a super expensive city, but I’ve never been in a restaurant, paid to go a museum or get any tourist tour or left my cup of beer on the table for less than 1 hour that cost me a fortune.
When Facebook friends see my picture in the Big Ben, they don’t imagine that I’m staying in a Couchsurfing place (not paying for accommodation). They don’t imagine that I ate Mc Donald's in most of my meals or that I just bought something in the supermarket.  They don’t imagine that I’m walking around the city, sometimes kilometers to avoid to pay public transportation. They have no clue that behind this picture there is a guy that didn’t have a shower in this day and walked 6km to the city center with 8 kg in his backpack. Well, I’m not complaining, I’m just trying to show the reality of a backpacker. We accept the sacrifices to have the chance to know a little bit more about this big world. Then now I’m getting rich of life’s experiences that I’m having currently in my trips.

2) I’m not a homeless. I have my temporary place in Luxembourg, like my residence permit for one year here. Also I have my mom’s and dad’s home in Brazil that I can go anytime. However today I don’t have the place that I can say: ‘’This is my home’’. I’m not exactly looking for a permanent place now. I’m more interested in discovering new places as I’m doing now. I’m a homeless, in the sense that I don’t have my place, but every day when I’m staying in my hosts or friends house, even for one day I felt myself at home. It can be a king size bed or sleep bag on the floor, I felt these places as mine, even for hours.

I had a project called ‘’Ale Nas Americas’’ that means Ale (my nick name) in the Americas (continents). Recently I had a lack of creativity to keep writing there and then I just had the idea to start this new project. I won’t stop my old project, but I’ll focus in this one currently.

I’ll share my experiences as a traveler with low cost budget. The real way that I do. First idea, one picture, one description. I’ll share my life doing what I liked: Traveling, writing and working with pictures. Also I hope to incentive people to lose some fears like to stay in a place of someone that you don’t even know, do hitchhiking and other things that we aren’t use to do. Open your mind and have the chance to see the world how it is.

2 comentários:

  1. Hey! I want to say first that I love this blog!
    It represents exactly the way I feel towards travelling on a budget. Many people have told me that such way of travelling is impossible and will only mean that I am taking advantage of the charity of people I come across with.
    Nothing like that at all!
    For you, the one reading this blog if you thought that travelling was a luxury, dish out that idea from your head and go for it! I did! And I have no regrets until this day!
    As the title says, is not richness in money that makes such a trip the most amazing and marvelous thing you could ever do, it's the people, places, and experiences you get in your way, memories that will stay with you forever!
    Greetings from Zakopane, Poland :)

  2. wow! I'm inspired! I want to be like you!I want to travel the world. It's really a motivation for me and I will definitely do it in the near future. Enjoy your travels :)


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