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sexta-feira, 24 de fevereiro de 2017

Should you move to Europe?

You can ask me how could you leave from your comfortable life and just move as I did. Dude, I can't answer your question now and I don't advise you to do it if you're not prepared.

For my Brazilian followers: Brazil is in a really big crisis now, everybody knows it. It's hard to find a job, hard to start up a new business. It's everyday more and more dangerous. The public transport just gets worse. Quality of life is really bad in big urban centers in Brazil.

Dude, you finish your degree and want come to Europe and try a new life as me, make sure, the fact the you're in rich countries don't make things easier than in Brazil for you.

Don't put your mind the European dream and don't think that you're gonna live in center of Paris and spend vacation in south of Italy pretty easy. Dude, the life here is hard, different of Brazil, but still hard.

Look at me:

  • Brazilian;
  • Fresh graduated as Engineer;
  • 26 years old;
  • 5 years of work experience;
  • Fluent in Portuguese, English and a Spanish Knowledge (Currently learning french).

Nice CV, right? I've been seeking for jobs in the past 5 months and until now... Nothing! Even unskilled jobs.

Then, you ask me why? 

I'm in Luxembourg, land with the highest minimum wage in Europe (2100 euros or almost R$10000 Reais "PER MONTH". Yes, If I had a job here, in 3 months I could buy a new brand car in Brazil. In Luxembourg JUST 6% of the population doesn't have job

Then, tell me why!

Ok, first of all, as all of European countries, if you wanna work right here, you'll need a work permit.

Cool, how can I get it?

Not that easy, first you need a sponsor. Then the company have to pay all of taxes to hire you. But europeans companies don't do it often.


Simple, first the company have to proof that nobody from this country was interested in this job, second nobody from the European union was interested either. After it, the company can make a contract and you'll start the process of work permit that sometimes it takes months. Cool? No!

Even the unemployment rate is low in Europe, there are a lot of people seeking for job as well (all of countries). The chance to find a job that nobody had interest is really rare. It can happens (that's my belief now) but it's super complicated.

But listen to me. I have work permit in Luxembourg as student (allowed to work 10h per week).

Cool, right? 

Not at all. Luxembourg is a multilingual country that the most important languages are French, German and Luxembourglish. Then my Portuguese, Spanish or English are not that important. Even unskilled jobs as cleaner, assistant in restaurants is really necessary to have french knowledge (at least)

What should I do then? Cry? 

Nops, I'm keeping believing in my potential. You should believe in yours as well. But listen to me again: don't think that the life is easy just because you're in the first world. There is no easy life, if it exists, have doubts about it.

Have your dreams, but try to be rational as well, evaluate all of risks and go head! It's better to take the risk then be with your ass in your seat for your entire life and when you get older just realized that you didn't really life. Cliche: You just live once.

Thanks, bye!

Um comentário:

  1. You'll handle it, buddy. Tough MO by the European market, but logical and protectitive. Wish you well, perhaps in another country you wouldn't have such a hard time, but you wouldn't be as hally though. Best of luck!


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