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domingo, 19 de março de 2017

Homeless in the airport

Here I go, one more journey. New destination: Italy, precisely Pescara. I've been in Italy twice, but this city is gonna be the southeast city that I've been the in country with a shape of a boot.

Basically I'll attend in a congress from Erasmus with everything included: Accommodation, transport and food for 10 days in Italy (9 actually). It means that I'm gonna have the chance to learn new subjects in this seminar, meet people, improve my CV and don't be worried during 10 days about my homeless status. This is super, not?

Yep! I don't if I can use this expression in English, but in Portuguese we say that: "Not everything is flowers". I'm just referring that we always have a bad (hard) side of the situation.

As I said before, every coast is covered, but the flight tickets we need to buy before then they will refund us back. The point was: I had to buy more than one month before and I was poor, like almost no money. Even with the warranty that they would refund me I couldn't buy a flight from Luxembourg to Pescara. Such a sacrifice, almost 100 euros in a round trip. I could save this money and be sure that I wouldn't being starving. Then I decided to get the flight from Brussels. Not exactly Brussels, it's Charleroi, that they call it as South of Brussels, but it's around one hour from there, not that close (cheap companies tricky).

Super! I found this round trip for 20 euros (Charleroi) CRL - PSR (Pescara). Yeah, I got this flight, but I would need to manage how to move from Luxembourg to Brussels, ps.: My flight is at 7:00am

Two Options:

1) Get the bus from Luxembourg to Charleroi at 3am for 25 euros, arriving in the airport at 5am and get the flight. Plus: I was in Capellen, a city 12min from Lux by train, but the last train is around 11pm. Then I would need to get a taxi that I would coast me 30 euros. Total : 55 euros. No way!

2) Get a bus at 8pm for 5 euros, plus my train before that it's for free for students and wait in the airport from 11pm of 18th to 7am of 19th.

Which one did I choose?

Of course the cheapest one. With new sleeping bag and pillow (light) I felt super fine to sleep in the floor of the airport (not that comfortable) but fine. Once I saw around 15 people already laying in the floor I just camped there and felt my sleeping bag in the cold floor as a kind size bed.

I slept around 2h30min, at 4am some security stuff just woke up everyone asking for we leave from there. I took another nap of 15min until the security guy be pissed off with me and ask me to leave again.

It wasn't that bad. Actually it's not being. Because I'm just spending the last minutes of my "amazing" Saturday night in the airport writing this post.

Of course even with sleeping bag and some traveler accessories it's so far to be a comfortable place. However with a short budget for avoiding to pay hotel during a long flight connection or flights that leave in early morning, I would definitely do it.

PS. I would probably go to the facebook or snapchat of someone. I saw a guy taking pictures of me and other people sleeping, I guess that some other people could do the same. It's probably peculiar.


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