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segunda-feira, 22 de maio de 2017

Writing about the past


how I wish to take notes about my trips and write it down in the same moment that I lived a specific experience. I always promise it to myself, but my first excuse was because I wanted to spend my time appreciating my trip than stopping minutes or hours writing about what I lived this day. Also the fact that I'm writing now make me come back to specific moments of my trip that i lived. On the other hand the fresh memories are full of details that making me brain come back to the past hasn't the same efficiency, but I'll try anyway and hopping that next time I'll bring with me at least a scrapbook.

Don't call it as biography, call it a bunch of experiences wrote randomly. If you support my bad english write and fell a little bit interested to see the world in my eyes, come with me.

7 months ago I did the best or the worse choice of my life (I'll see later) to quite my comfortable job in the Brazilian government and come to Europe to live in one of the most expensive countries in Europe without any money saved.

Pretty stupid, but I did it by feeling, that's how I make decisions in my life sometimes. It works sometimes, sometimes not. lol. I got accepted for the university and my visa was approved, then I got a loan from a Brazilian Bank that would be enough to make me survive in Europe for 2 or 3 months. 

Such an amazing plan, in my fantasy world I would find a job in maximum 2 months and start to pay my bills with this. But I didn't work like that, my poor french and german language skills was a big wall.

The Brazilian way to survive in hard situation that also includes skip rules made me survive. I lived seeing the opportunities and catch it. 

In one month living in Luxembourg I just discovered that I couldn't pay 500 euros for more than 2 months for rent. That's how I realized that I would need to find a solution to survive even without have a job.

That's how start my illegal Airbnb experience in Luxembourg. This you'll know in the next post :)

See ya  

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