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sexta-feira, 25 de agosto de 2017

Getting out of the bubble

Brain, don't let me fail now. When I stop and think what I lived in the past 6 months, I got really happy and proud of myself. I can't count how many amazing people I met or how many cities I visited. Things sometimes run in our life with too much intensity that a short period looks like couple years. A simple explanation is that when you leave from your comfort zone, habits and daily routine you have the chance to go out from the bubble and turn off the automatic mode that we ofter use to live.

My first steps in a work day:

Leave from bed;
Have a shower;
Put some clothes;
Have a breakfast;
Brush my teeth;
Go out.

I would say that I don't use my so much brain to do any kind of these steps. I'm in my automatic mode. It's normal basically this routine activity in someway save energy of brain to think about more relevant things.

All right, I'm not gonna lose myself either you just going to the psychological or biological field. This link say more than my empty words. 

What I'm trying to say is that after almost 2 months at home like doing nothing (except some short trips), I started to have a crazy routine of doing the same thing everyday: nothing. Ok, not that dramatic, I was writing, studying french by myself and painting. Yes, with 26 years old I realized that I can paint, and it's not that bad, check it out:

I actually applied for a master degree in contemporary art in Norway, but for some obvious reason I wasn't accepted :P

And also fill my free time I did some trips weren't that short. Like:

1 Week in England;
1 Week in Spain
1 Weekend in Belgium;
1 Weekend in France;
1 Weekend in Switzerland;
3 Days in Italy.

After getting lost with what I use to do sometimes (Add so many details and lose the focus) I just wanna tell you that the moment that I broke my "routine" I went to an unpredictable world where you live day by day thinking about things from the bed where I'm gonna sleep to how many kilometers of I need to hitchhike. Well, this is a away how to live 6 years in 6 months.

Well, wait for the next post, I'll share with you how I was kicked out from my home :D

Well, I hope to have enough memory, energy and creativity to share it as better as I can.


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