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A rich homeless

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sexta-feira, 18 de agosto de 2017


Dear reader, here I'm back again with my bad written english and my random stories that most of the time don't share good news, but it's full of hope.

Busy, lazy and non creative times made me stop to write for while. I had so much to share, but I didn't find the right way yet how to put my thoughts in this keyboard.

My main lesson after these 10 months by myself in Europe is that a problem is always an opportunity. An opportunity to face hard times and win the big fight even sometimes losing small ones. God knows how hard was my period here months ago. I could have the opportunity to be "homeless" during 4 months and sometimes needing to survive with 60 euros per week for food, accommodation and other expenses. Don't be scared, I didn't sleep in the street, this story is gonna come in another time.

I'm just here to say that in the last times every single day I go toward a labyrinth where there are a lot paths and I don't know which one to go. Not because I don't really know what to do, it's more about the logical sequence: Find a job, earn money and pay the university tuition fees, cost of living for everywhere I'll go next semester. Ya, my mission in Luxembourg was failed. The dream to complete a master degree and find nice job around here didn't work as I was expecting. Grow up kid! Things are not that easy as you think.  Regrets? No way! Best decision that I've ever made. Even not successful academically or professionally, my life here is being so good. These past 10 months made me to meet amazing people, learn so many things, grow up and see a problem as a challenge.

My labyrinth today has 3 different ways: Spain, Czech Republic or France. These 3 possibilities that I found to have one more year of visa in Europe. None of them is easy because it depends about money and other things that I won't mention here.

I have my preference, my choice. Also I know that in any of these directions my life is gonna be completely different, my future is gonna have completely different words written in the pages. It makes me scared somehow, it's like choose one of the three different life that I can have in the next year, 3 different Ale and successful, happy, disappointed, failed, hopeful, energetic or depressed. It's unpredictable, but life is always like that. When I decided to come here, I gave up about to be close from my family, friends, my warm weather and my amazing food, I gave about to keep my job or a possible relationship, I let these pages empty and I wrote my new ones in the past 10 months.

Good news is that every labyrinth has a exit.    

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