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A rich homeless

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quarta-feira, 23 de agosto de 2017

Luxembourg x World

For who is living in Luxembourg it's not a new the fact that the country is better paid than its neighbors. But for you that probably never heard about Luxembourg let me explain to you.

Luxembourg is basically the country with the highest minimum age in Europe. In fact for any kind of job, it doesn't matter how qualified it's, you're not gonna earn almost 2000 euros. Let's just see the top 10 in Europe:

Super trusted source: Wikipedia, what's in the web is always truth 

Well, clearly Luxembourg is the country with the highest minimum wage in Europe, winning against its neighbors. Also we still have more to say, this big and well known country has one of the lowest VAT tax in Europe. Again Wikipedia show us:

Check the VAT information, it's the 4th cheapest in the entire Europe, 17%. I'm afraid to say how 
much we pay in Brazil for VAT. 

VAT is based consumption tax assessed on the value added to goods and services. Check the European commission website to have more informations about it.

But I don't wanna go deeper in this subject as I'm not expert and I don't wanna be more brilliant person to spread fake informations in the web.

Even with the highest minimum salary Luxembourg doesn't have the highest average of salary as some countries in Europe doesn't have a fixed minimum wage like Switzerland and the Scandinavian countries. Here is the list:

The second position isn't that bad. Just $5583 dollar. Wikipedia provides this information is dollar as it was a global comparison. I don't like to compare with my country statistics, but in Brazil the minimum wage it's almost 10 times lower than in Luxembourg. You're good with math, that's obvious, but think about that for each hour that I worked here cleaning dishes in a bakery, you that spent 4 years in the university to get a diploma need to work almost 10h to earn the same as me. 

I'm not proud of it at all, it's sad to see how the economic are weak in my country, in South and Central America, Africa, Asia....

A lot of countries in the world don't have minimum wage defined, mainly in Africa. It means that the employees can pay how much they want. Curious? Google: "List of minimum wage country". 

In Brazil we have $1,5 per hour as minimum age. It has no comparison when we talk about these countries:

This time wasn't wikipedia. Source: HDR

Well the answer why there is this huge different between countries is not a easy answer. You can start from history books until arrive in the currently global politics. You're gonna have a big tour between feudalism, colonization to modern capitalism.

Au revoir

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