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A rich homeless

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quarta-feira, 29 de novembro de 2017

First Step

Here I was! Coming back from a trip in Italy and about to arrive in Luxembourg with homeless status. Yes, I was coming back to Luxembourg with a job warranty to work on May. However this time was beginning of April, I would still have to wait one month there.

I had pocket money to live in Luxembourg for one more month, even without a place with this money I could find something. I could stay on quiet month there, but what would I do? Really, I wasn't studying, without job in a time that was still cold.

Since I arrived in Luxembourg I used to travel a lot, most of the weekends. Then I used to meet more people traveling than in Lux. Most of my friends I met in other countries. It means that another factor was because I didn't have so many friends there.

Once I would have a really boring month I just decided to travel, without destination in the beginning.

I just arrived in Belgium and started to think that if I wanna travel and see as much places as possible, the solution would be traveling in a low cost. Most of my costs were accommodation, transport and food. I had to figure out a way how to reduce them, otherwise my trip would be shorter and I would still have to spend weeks in Luxembourg.

Couchsurfing was the modality that I already used a lot, not for reduce costs of trip, this is just a consequence of so many memorable experiences that I had in this past year.

Hitchhiking! I've never done it before, but once public transport in Europe is crazy expensive, I just decided that it would be a good solution, but not a easy one. Spending hours in the highway with a heavy backpack, burning in the sun, getting wet with the rain, getting thirst and hungry is never a easy option at all.

Well, my first adventure to save 7 euros was in the way from Charleroi to Namur, both in Belgium. Next time you guys are gonna know about the first step of my 6 weeks trip.

See ya!

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