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A rich homeless

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quarta-feira, 1 de novembro de 2017

Merci, Lëtzebuerg

For one great year. I could say that I had my first real experience abroad, that I needed to face the real life of being a foreign.

I've spent 1 year and half in the U.S.A, but I was scholarship student. Who lived my "CSF" experience know what I'm talking about. We had more than enough money to survive with everything paid. Great times... S2

But now, I had so much challenges. My "CSF"'s friends, to live without the scholarship is much harder. Unfortunately a lot of amazing experiences that we can have in the life are depend of money and most of us don't have the chance to taste them. Example: Travel, see the world in person.

I arrived in Luxembourg with enough money to survive 2 or 3 months. I'm not the rich young boy playing with travel in the old continent. I just saved some money and fought with two big hands: to make money and pay expenses.

I survived, but another one that I have to focus in my text is: People, connexions. 

It's amazing to remember every interaction with couple of people that somehow helped me in my trajectory, even not knowing what they were doing. I'm not talking just people that live in Luxembourg or I just the ones that I met there. I'm talking about people that I met before arrive here, or people that I met traveling. I'm talking for every small and big interactions. Every small helped that I had was enough to put me where I am.

Today, living my second year I just start to see how to understand myself better and find out where/who I wanna be/be.

Now I just say thanks to all of you guys. Seriously I'm happy for meeting you, the ones that made difference in my life.

I have memories that I give special attention for each of you. If I was clear and honest showing
my grateful and just the smile that I gave in your face, the sincere smile that It's not to catch, you'll understand. Just think carefully on it and concentrate summary of each moment, you'll understand me perfectly.


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