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terça-feira, 5 de dezembro de 2017

Colonize me!

Let's talk a little bit about history and let's be contradictory. It happens when a christian is talking negatively about the christianity. 

This week I'm planning to go to somewhere that I've never been before, Portugal. For us Brazilians, our cousin. The country that taught us Portuguese and the Catholicism. The country that showed us how to cultive coffee, soya, sugar cane and how to explore Paubrasilia, Gold and all of valuable things that our country had.

Good Portugueses, they just arrived 5 centuries ago, kind of lost in the unknown land to share culture and the love of God. For centuries the catholicism was the strongest and richest institution in the world. It's really beautiful to see the amazing cathedral and palace that was build thousands years ago. I guess that the catholics in this time needed to spend time thinking, not really building, because they are too smart to do physical exercises, maybe it was better to put non smart people to do this work. Yes, let's have some slaves to build our palaces that we're gonna pray for God. We're the future, our goal is biggest than anything. Who cares if Jesus said that we should love each other like Jesus loved us? We can have slaves and treat then not even like animals, but like a thing. 

Hey, but it's ok, black people don't have soul, we are allowed to enslave them.
What about the Indians that lived in Brazil? 
Oh, they believe in other gods, they are not blessed for our God, they deserved it, after all they will go to the hell anyway.

Son, here I am. Imagine that you're a dark skin person living in a small city in South America and I'm a white European and I was traveling with some friends and then I got lost, but gladly I found a nice spot. Such an amazing contrast between beaches, forestry, mountain, lakes and other wonderful landscapes. Nice place to spend vacation, no? 

Then I met you and your family and I got excited to see how friendly you're and the other 100 thousand people that lived there. But I'm smarter than you dude. I realized that you're naive, that's good, because I saw as well that there are threes in your yard that I can cut it and sell it in Europe for a really good money. 

Oh, I just invited my friends to come here and help me. We are in a big group now, but like the catholics we're to busy, we're taking care of the business and thinking about the future of the world. We're fighting to make the future of the world better, but let me think first about my family and friends. I need to make some money for my future.

I had a idea, I'll teach the Indians to believe in our god, maybe they are not going to the hell. 

Wait! My friends had a great idea as well. Once we're the brain of the world, the hard work to cut threes, extract gold, build houses can't be made for us. Let's put you and your family to do it. You guys don't have so many things to do, this is the best exchange that you can give to us, once we're teaching you a modern idioma and how to reach God.

What are you doing dude? Refusing to work for me? Refusing to learn our language and religion?

I knew since the beginning that you deserved to go to the hell. I'm gonna do a favor for God, I'll send you directly to there. I will rape your wife and kids, I'll torture and kill you and burn your city after all. After 100 years your population is gonna be reduced from 100 thousand to 9 thousand people.

It was your option, if you would be accept to be my slave and believe in my god everything would be all right with you and your family.

Sorry my friend, now we found some people to help us to make the progress, the future. Some africans without soul are coming now to work for us. Don't forget everything that we're doing is in the name of God, because we're christians. My family, my friends and me. We were all well educated in the church since generations. We finally found the truth and with this truth we're gonna make the future of the humanity and everyone that's against it, we're gonna fight in the name of God.

I'll keeping exploring your country for centuries, I'll make the biggest slave market in the history of the world. I'll explore your natural resources as much as I can and teach your future generation good values. Once your future generation is somehow mine as well. Once we raped your wife and some africans, we became mixed. 

Be proud, you have my white genetic, I had the chance to make you whiter and give a little bit of soul for you guys.

Don't forget, we're still cousin, we now are sharing the same language and having agreements between us. Cousin, I'm just sorry because I can't let you stay here longer than 3 months in my country. I can't even let you work here easily and If you have to study here you have to pay more than us Portugueses. You know, you're not European and your country isn't developed enough. Solve your problems and then we can talk. Just be grateful, we already gave enough, our genetic, our religion, language and culture. Big hugs from your cousin.


Oh, wait I was just talking about the cousins Brazil and Portugal. How many other cousin exist?


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