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sexta-feira, 12 de janeiro de 2018

20 Facts from "The year"

2017. This year was certainly the most intense year of my life. A mixed of moments and feelings. I laugh, I made people laugh, I cry and I made people cry. If you start to listen me talking about the main episodes of this year and If I saying that all of this events happened in 5 years, you probably would believe me. I can't share with you all of them. There is no space to write it down in just one post and some of them are too personal. I believe that I could actually write a book talking about it, I'm not exaggerating. Well, I'll share with some interesting episodes. 

1) I was homeless in Luxembourg during 4 months. Yes, from February to June I couldn't effort to pay rent I then I survived this time between Trips, Couchsurfing, voluntary jobs, friend's house and camping.

2) Once I was homeless for 4 months I had to compact my life in just one backpack. That include: Tent, Mattress, Sleeping bag, pillow, clothes, laptop, a small oven, gas cylinder, other cooking stuff. Again, everything just in a 40L backpack. She's the one in the picture chilling out on the beach in Montenegro. 

3) I've traveling 6 weeks by hitchhiking from Belgium to Montenegro. If you're already following me, you probably read something about this. I'm trying to write about it, but I'm still in first day of trip.

4) I slept in 33 different bed from people that I didn't know before. Also 16 people that I didn't know slept in my place. That's Couchsurfing!

5) I started to paint. In the moment that I was down (January), I just realized that I could paint and it was a great therapy in that time. Until now I'm still painting, I would say that it's better now than when I started.

6) I wrote a book. It's a personal book, a kind of psychological biography that I deeply used my feelings with a total of 24 pages.  

7) I went to my first techno festival in Luxembourg. Memorable night.

8) I worked in 6 different places, from May to October.

9) I learned how to be bartender working in a gay bar in Luxembourg. From all of them, it was my best experience working last year!

10) I've been in Brazil! After 13 months far way from my family, friends, sun, food, Aracajé and many other amazing things, my mom gave me the tickets that I could enjoy everything for 9 days.

11) I moved to the Granada, Spain. After one year in Luxembourg It was time to move.

12) I've found myself few times in the ending of my European dream. Like find myself without house and no money. It happened not just once.

13) I've rent my housing from the university using Airbnb, illegally. Once I was broken and I need to pay my rent, it was the only option that I found. Afterwards the University realized it and kicked me out.

14) I've learned the French language. I can understand kind of understand well and speak poorly. Also I improved a lot my Spanish, now I can survive well here. My Listening is good and my speaking need to be improved.

15) I've walked 21km in one day. In Germany during my hitchhiking trip I had a day of chance. After being lost in a park way from the city, I took me few kilometers to find myself again.

16) In Luxembourg, after working I slept in the train going back home. I missed my stop after few train stations and I woke up in Belgium. Yes, another country.

17) I was working during few days 17h per day in two different jobs, eating with 3 Mc Donald's meals and drinking 5 energy drink per day. I believe that if I would do it for one month my right destination would be the hospital, probably in shorter time. Since I didn't have break between the the two jobs, the only "cheap" place in Luxembourg to eat that could make me full was there, the old Mc. The energy drink was the way that I found to be awake.

18) I've been in 17 different countries traveling. I have no clue about the amount of cities.

19) I had a great experience to spend 10 days in Italy working in a Erasmus project. With groups from 7 different countries it was not just a good workshop but also a great chance to learn about different cultures.

20) This last of is the most important. I had the chance to meet so many amazing people during my journey. Some of them helped giving me a place to sleep, others indicating me to a job, other just talking or holding me in the moments that I need. I've got a big lesson about the meaning of life and love. The interactions that I had with people that was essencial this year, not just survival, but mainly by feelings. 

I don't know how this year is gonna be, but I'm really sure that 2017 is gonna be one of the most special year of my life. Special means best!

I swear, I'm keeping trying to learn with my mistakes, I wanna share the best of me.

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