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A rich homeless

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sábado, 27 de janeiro de 2018

Augsburg - Germany - #9HT

Finally I was arriving in Bavaria. My blablacar driver just dropped me in the train station, place where my host was going to meet me up. She was coming from her city that was just 15km from there, place that I would sleep later: Königsbrunn. It was really cool that she came to Augsburg to pick me up and show me the city.

If I remember well after I arriving, I needed to wait few more minutes before she comes. I was really hungry, but once she was coming, I preferred to wait and maybe we could eat together. I walked in the city during 30min, seeing more shops and then I just came back to the train station to meet her up. At the ending she wasn't that hungry and then I just had my kebab by myself :)

We were walking in the city and she was showing me few attractions there for few minutes. The coolest stuff is that she works with tourism and then it was a kind of private tourist guide tour.

I really liked the city and I could understand why so many people said me before how beautiful is the Bavarian region. The architecture of the houses for me was the best that I could see. I believe that since I'm engineer, I use some professional characteristics in my personal life. For me one of the first things that catch my attention in places that I use to go is the style and architecture of the buildings. I really like Europe because of the diversity of cultures that also include in a way in which the houses was built. Specifically in Bavaria the facades are really artistic, most of them with some details that make they different from each other.

It was like that in Augsburg, the city was really cute with this artistic kind of houses and beautiful churches in streets that provided me a nice walk, this time feeling connected with the culture. That day I was more in the visual mood that I didn't even care about to take so many pictures from the unique buildings that I've seen there, but these pictures are saved in my big folder, called as memories. 

Well, after this nice walk we just stopped to have a good German beer in a square. For me the best beers in the world until now are Belgium and German ones. Also the cool thing is that we could just stop in the street and drink in public any time. Thing that in some European countries it's not allowed or even when it's allowed, it's a bit weird to drink in public. Positive point! In Germany you can have one of the best beers paying 1 euro in the supermarket and drink it anywhere. 

Later when the weather started to get bad, we just decided to walk to her car, saying goodbye to Augsburg in my short time there. Just few hours walking around and seeing some attractions and having a nice time exchanging life experiences and since she traveled in almost all of continents, she had a lot experiences to share.

Well, this was my time in Augsburg. I highly recommend that you visit there. It's a medium size city that you can do everything by walking with nice spots to see, walking lost in the street. I don't know how beautiful is ULM, but once It worked to visit Augsburg, I was really happy for my short experience. Now, Königsbrunn!

Wir sehen uns!

5 comentários:

  1. I've been in Bavaria few times but never visited Augsburg. I like their architecture too. :)

    1. I really love Bavaria as well. There so many nice cities there. I'll talk in the next posts about Munich, Landshut and Straubing.

  2. Como foi se virar com o Inglês na cidade? Ou você utilizou o alemão!?
    By the way, really enjoy the post =)


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