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segunda-feira, 15 de janeiro de 2018

Goodbye my friend

Today I'm not gonna talk about a real friend and how our friendship just ended up. I'm here today to talk about my first blog: "Alê nas Americas" and announce his ending. That's how I called it. It means Alê (my nickname) "in the Americas" referring to the South and North America (like my first experience abroad in the USA and my home country "Brazil". If you're following me in one of my social medias you probably read this name before. It's basically a website that I created 3 and half year ago. I made this page to share my experiences in the first time that I left from my parents place, that chose to leave my country, my job, my family and friends to live in the USA, in a place that I didn't know anyone, not even speaking English.

I just didn't know how it could change my life, from who I was in 2013 and who I'm now. I'm not say that I'm a better person now or that I'm happier than before. Moments are unique. Once my last year was amazing, 2013 and 2014 were other great years in my life. My life from 2009 to 2013 for instance were another great chapter as well, that I will always keep it in my memories and my heart. But today / tonight I'm not here to compare moments, once I believe that each one of them are important to build who we are today.

This first blog for instance was really important to build my current project "A rich homeless", yes, exactly what you're reading now. They had similar proposes, talk about trip, share my experiences and thoughts. However there are two different things that make them different: 1) The person who I'm now. Somehow I learned a lot how to share my thoughts in a  better way and put it in the paper. I would say that today the connection that I have between my brain and my voice (writing) is really stronger and today for instance what I'm writing now, goes easier than before, despite my non high level english skills. This is another difference. My old blog was almost completed written in Portuguese, my native language and every way of communication that I had was based in everything that I learned in my life before learning english. I don't know if you believe in the same thing as me, but once another language was working in my brain, I started to grow up mentally, like a child learning something new. I'm not saying that another person came out because of the language, but the fact that I used a new language to communicate with people from different cultures and background, differently of the first 23 years of my life, it made use the language differently. Also when you have a perspective of the world based in just one country or even city it's different than when you go to another bigger scale.

For instance, the fact that I'm interacting most of the time currently using English and having many smart talks, somehow today I can express myself better in English than in Portuguese. Of course my English skills aren't better than my native language. If you're a native english speaker you're gonna notice the grammar mistakes that I made while I was writing this article. Even after I reviewed this post twice, it's probably gonna remain something wrong.

"Alê nas Américas" for me was a lab, my 300 articles with almost 50 thousand views in 3 years was the way how I learned to share my thoughts using my words. I'm really far way to write professionally or my articles to have a journalistic level. What I'm saying is that I satisfied in what I'm writing currently. Somehow I have the feeling that now I can touch people with words and inspire them. In the same way when I read a article or I watch a youtube video or when I met someone in the street or I have guest in my house. I'm talking all of possible kind of interaction, with or without technology.  Gladly the internet isn't that big enemy for me now. I've learning a lot lately how to use it rationally. Spending less time in  social medias is being a good start, because even in social medias, like facebook you can read good contents, it's more about to select what you could add for you good a knowledge and values.

If you're interested to check. Unfortunately most of the articles are in Portuguese, there is a function to translate the page, but the translation don't use to be that good. This is Alê nas Américas,!

I would like to say thanks for who supported it and made me write more until I arrive in what I'm doing now. That's what's still inspiring me to share my ideas by my posts: your support. Thank you so much!

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