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A rich homeless

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segunda-feira, 29 de janeiro de 2018

Host Hithchiker - #11HT

After a really good night of sleep in the coolest CS room of my trip, my host and I just went out to grab some breads for a breakfast once I was planning to leave again in this morning in the direction of Munich, place that I've found my next host.

The reason why I'm talking a lot about the bakery since I arrived in Bavaria is because I would have the chance to try one of their best specialties: The Pretzel. It's a salty baked bread originally from Bavaria and the first stories about it came in the early middle age. It's just great. I've tried it before, but not in Bavaria and not fresh, but the ones that I had this morning were the best until that moment. 

Warm, fresh and salty. 

In that moment I was ready to leave from Königsbrunn and keep hitchhiking trip. My host, super cool that she was, just offered me to drop me in the exit of the highway in a point that I would be just 60km away from Munich.

It was really cool from her to make my trip easier. Until that point it's all right, she just stopped in the parking spot of a supermarket and in the moment that I was going to say goodbye, she surprisingly asked me if She could join me in my trip to Munich.

I was like:

-       Wow, really? That's super cool.

I don't know, I didn’t think about it before, otherwise I would offer it before. She just said that she was bored and even the fact that she have done hitchhiking few times in her trips but she never have done it Germany.

Well, I was really excited as well, because I've never done it with a partner. The craziest thing was, we needed to wait less than 10 minutes and two guys from Turkey just stopped and pick us up. More perfect impossible, because they were going toward to the city center, not being necessary to walk long distances or take any public transport once Munich is such a big city.

In fact she was giving me lucky in the moment, because since my first trip from Charleroi to Namur, my hitchhiking plan wasn't working for whole day trip, once I needed to use Busses, train or Blablacar. It was actually the fast trip from a destination to another in my entire trip. Even in Belgium with 50km of distance I waited longer than this one.

Thanks for the luck! In Munich I had another particular walk guide tour, once she use to study in Munich for few years and also she studied tourist, make sense, no? We just had a German snack that I don't remember the name, but it was good, I think that it was bread with meat, something like this, good stuff! Also I just realized my beer habits, since I arrived in Germany I was having at least one beer everyday and yes, as usual I just had my half litter wheat beer again.

This was the time to say goodbye. She was going back with her friend that worked there and I was going to meet my next host in Munich.

I hope that life can be more spontaneous like that, allowing that natural moments can happen without plans more often. Plans are good, but to have expectations that create a projection of the moment before it happens couldn't make you enjoy it as much as you could. But once you didn't plan it, this moment is going to be unique once you didn't think about it before.

 Host hitchhiker

Pretzel ❤

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