Karlsruhe - Germany - #6HT - A Rich Homeless

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A rich homeless

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quinta-feira, 25 de janeiro de 2018

Karlsruhe - Germany - #6HT

After my exhausting trip, 250km of distance was done. I gladly arrived in Karlsruhe around half past 6pm. I could still catch the sunset.

In truth I needed to explore the city for few hours, once my host would be free to meet me up just around 10pm. 

Karlsruhe is the second biggest city in the state of Baden. It's not a touristic city and again I was in the track of what I was looking for: A city that you can do most of the things by feet. It's something really important for me that give me the freedom for not depending of public transport and helps to save money as well. Actually in this experience you can see more interesting spots, like moving from a point to another by bus, you would miss this chance.

Well, my tour in the city wasn't that long. I was walking around and trying to explore the city as much as I could once in the day after I would need to travel again. However I did completely the opposite. I was really tired from day trip and I just needed to relax before arriving in my host place.

I had a nice walk from the train station to the Karlsruhe palace. When I arrived there I just realized that was my spot. This palace was a huge area, with a park in front of and some pieces of art around. The sunset there was just  great and once it was getting darker, there were some lights in the park making the place even nicer. It was beginning of spring. The temperature was starting to get better in North of Europe and people were outside practicing sports, playing some games or just chilling in the park, like me.

After my one-hour walk I just stopped in one of the benches and started to watch people around. Like in the moment that you just stop to think about yourself or your problems and just see how other people like us interact with each other. I don't know if you can see in the my eyes, but it's the thing that analytically you just start to check the behavior of people, how they smile, how they show to be exhausted after a jogging or how the couple look to each other with affection. It's many small details that we can just know when we disconnect ourselves. It’s a exercise that you can always to understand how we are connected with each other.

Well, after my reflective moment spending few hours in the park and I just started to walk in the way to my host place.

Once I had time I decided to go by walking and save the money from bus ticket. I walked about 50min to a neighborhood called Durlach, it was a little bit away from the city center. It wasn't a really nice walk. Something like walking in the main road all the time with almost anything around, just industrial/commercial building, the only spot that I stopped was in the burger place to filled out my energies.

The communication was a little bit complicated with my host until I finding the place. It because my host didn't have phone and I need to talk with her flatmate that she wasn't there either. In fact I couldn't know when she would arrive, just when she would text me by Couchsurfing in her computer. 

At the ending it worked well. I just meet my hosts, a German girl with her boyfriend from Ghana. Actually it was the funny moment of the day. The 3 of us just talking and smoking, they are really cool, but the guy from Ghana was kind of really high in point that sometimes he couldn't even talk about some subjects that he wouldn't forget few seconds later. A beautiful high and joy moment, I felt really good in this moment, receiving a good energy and having a good connection with them.

Once I was in Germany everything ends up with beer, we just finished the night with a "prost" and I felt myself comfortable and warm in a sofa bed the ending up my day gladly for the intense experiences that I had. I could say that I lived this day during one week.

Gute Nacht und bis morgen!

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