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A rich homeless

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domingo, 28 de janeiro de 2018

Königsbrunn - Germany - #10HT

In a typical german raining day my host was driving me to her hometown: Königsbrunn. About 15km from Augsburg. The trip was really short, in the highway I could see just the station of FC Augsburg, the soccer club from the area.

Arriving there there was basically one main avenue and some streets around connecting. I was reaching my goal in a accurate level. Enjoying more the experiences that I had in the place than just walk around big cities hunting for attractions, taking some pictures and going back home with social medias full of likes. This city with 30 thousand inhabitants allowed me to see the culture of the place in a local scale. Probably most of the people that lives there are from there or spent most of the time was their life there. I like multicultural cities with people from everywhere, it's one way how to see the world. On the other hand I like to see cities like Königsbrunn that make me feel really immersed in their culture, mainly having a host that's from there.

There were everything that I needed. A good bakery, a post office, a supermarket and a ATM machine. All right it sounds silly, but I needed food and wow, the german bakeries for me are the best, sorry for the french, but there is no breads in the world as good as the german ones. Supermarket, obvious to buy something to eat in the dinner. A post office because I really needed to send a letter of my work contract that I got in Luxembourg and the ATM machine because I didn't have any cash left. Anyway, I was happy enough :D

Arriving in her place I had the same situation as my first in Tettingen. It was her first experience as host, she already used Couchsurfing a lot as guest, but once she lived with her parents it was a bit complicated to convince them. As I said in the another post, I completely understand it, I would have to work really hard to convince my parents to do the same.

In the Couchsurfing request that I sent she told me a "maybe" initially, once she needed to convince her parents. I don't what she said to them, but it worked the answer was a "yes". Gut!

We just arrived in her place and her mom was really friendly with me and the father afterwards was nice as well. The house was really cool with two floors, but one exclusive for her, with 2 rooms, a big living room, kitchen and bathroom. It was an interesting conception, that you live with your parents, but you have your completely private space. I stayed in a private room and I have to say that it was the best room that I had from Couchsurfing in this trip.

I don't really mind about comfort when I'm traveling, I'm really easy going about the place to sleep. However when I had comfort I really appreciated it, sometimes more than I needed

Well, once we did shopping I could cook Jambalaya, my favorite american food, if you don't know it, you can google it. She said that she liked, I hope that it was true :D. Ending up the great day we just had one of my favorite german beers: Franziskaner. It sounds cliche, a commercial beer, but I love it anyway. We had the chance to exchange a lot of travel experiences that we had in the life. I remembered really well her passion of New Zealand that made me excited to go there one day. 

I also introduced her the serie black mirror. We watched a episode of this creepy serie, that it's one of my favorite ones, just brilliant. Just check it, maybe you're gonna like it.

Danke und bis zum nächsten Kapitel.

Tschüß wieder!

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