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segunda-feira, 22 de janeiro de 2018

Little knowledge or wide knowledge?

Last weekend I've posted this question in my facebook page asking my friends the question:

Little knowledge of much things or wide knowledge of few things? 

I had opposite feedbacks and I really understand the importance for each of them in our life now and for the future.

There are people that believe that the life is short and we need to see as much things as possible and we can learn different knowledges from a lot of fields superficially. Other people just believe that we need to dedicate our main knowledge in a specific field and be expert on it.

It can be for career or personal life. Both of them can determine how your life is gonna be and sometimes how the future is gonna be as well.

I'm not gonna talk about career here. A company it's more about what they are expecting from you. A multitasking worker that can do well several activities in a company or the expert that knows everything about a specific subject.

It's more about how it gonna affect our personal life, people around us and the future. Believe me, both of them can be positive.

Think about that in your life I was teenager I had interest in math, arts, history, cartoon, video games, animes, scientific fiction, comedy... Think that when in the ending of my high school I really liked construction, architecture, arts, history, travel, railways, music, dance, parties.. Think about that in the middle of my university I liked water supply, energy, music, dance, travel, investments, religion, social work. Think about that 2 years later I liked music, arts, parties, trips, internacional culture, culinary, video edition, water supply, writing, beer, dance... Think that now I like music production, beer, paintings, wines, writing, parties, languages, backpacking, Couchsurfing, culinary, religion, politics, society. 

I hope that you're not tired, it was harder for me writing than the time that you spent reading. What I'm trying to say is for each of one of these topics there are a lot of other sub topics that make me feel interest to learn more about it and go into into them and their subdivisions. It's the point that you know a lot different topics, but not deep in none of them. For me it's fantastic, the world is definitely really big and I know that even living intensively a hundred year looking for all of sub groups of each topic, I would never be able to finish all of them. But I can still hunt for them with the time that I have.

On the other hand, to be expert in something can be amazing too. In one of these hunts, if you like something really much that you should go and explore it deeply, sometimes it's for one period (what happened with me about water supply) or sometimes it can be for your entire life. This second one that I'm gonna talk about. I believe that I mix between years of research and practical experience can make you really expert in something and if you have the wisdom to use it positively to figure out some unknown answers. It's more less how the science works. Some people works their entire life to have answers about some subject that they are curious to know and give an answer not just to them, they wanna contribute positively to the society, sometimes they don't even have the chance to enjoy it, but many other people will. Some of them are people like Galileo, Einstein, Luther King, Newton, Socrates, Marx, Bach, da Vinci, Shakespeare and many others. However most of them work their entire life, but they never find this answer, however they use to share their progress and make some other people can be influenced from this person and keep working to find out this answer. One day one of this guys/generations are gonna find answers that we're looking for.

I don't see myself in the deep side this, but I really hope for them one day to have answers about some topics such as: Diseases, Politics, Society, Planet, Depression, Tolerance, Poverty and Human love...


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