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A rich homeless

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segunda-feira, 22 de janeiro de 2018

Namur - Belgium - #3HT

I'm trying to make a plan to write all of these stories before complete one year that I've done my hitchhiking trip. It's gonna be on April and surprisingly I'm writing daily posts by the first time. I'm saying it because normally I use to write one article for each 15 days. I've taken 3 months without writing anything. I hope that my determination this time is gonna be bigger than any other thing.

Here we go, after Charleroi and the weird first rides that I had, finally I arrived in Namur. It's the capital of Wallonia, the french part of Belgium. To know more about Wallonia, you can check here.

Well, it's not a big city with a lot of tourism attractions, being exactly what I was looking for in my trip. I wanted to see small/middle cities that aren't famous touristic spots. You'll see that I will have some exceptions.

I just needed to walk 30min from the point that my last ride dropped me to my host place. A really friendly Belgium girl just received me there, I was really happy to drop my both backpack (new and old one) and for the fact that I could have a shower. These moments are specials in the life of a backpacker.

We could have a walk in the city and explore some touristic spots, trying the cheap and good Belgium french fries. Actually I think that's the cheapest meal, something like half kg for 2,5 euros.

There is really nice castle that you can see the city, they call it as Citadel of Namur, that's a big fortress. The view from the top is great during day and also at night. There are so old tunnels, roman theater, parks and paths. I particularly loved the place and I can recommend you visit the city just because of Citadel. You can just spend hours walking around, chilling and appreciating the surroundings. 

Besides it, there is no so much attractions to see, but I really liked the city that was offering what I was looking for.

I actually spent one more night there. Since I arrived late in the day before I would like to spend more time in the city with my guest and even she was having another guest in the day after, she accepted me for staying longer. It was cool from her because until the night before I didn't find anything for the day after. I was looking for hosts in Luxembourg or Trier in Germany, but nothing really worked until that moment, meaning that I had one more day to plan my trip.

In the day after between food and more walks it was another great day. A volunteer from Ukraine just joined us, allowing us hang out and exchange experiences.

Done, short story. My short time in Namur was great, but it's time to move.

For you guys, some of my photos!

View from the Cidadel 

Bridge in Namur

Old Tunnels

My couchsufer host

View at night

My actually favorite picture

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