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quarta-feira, 10 de janeiro de 2018


For most of the people that I know politics isn't an interesting topic to talk about. The first image that come to our mind is about government, politicians, corruption that it reflects in all of problems that exist in a society.

Once we normally don't have political education in our first studies and sometimes we never have the chance to know more about it in our life, we basically limited this subject in what we see in the news about the acts of our politicians in our countries and globally. Fortunately politics isn't limited just in this field.

The best definition that I found in the dictionary is that politics is: "the total complex of relations between people living in society". It means that our politics doesn't just depends of our government. Of course the main decision and public policy are defined from the government, that in democratic countries people that work there (politicians) are elected for us. Our vote define who are gonna represent  our interests. Somehow everyone already knows it. We have the power to decide who's gonna be our politicians, but historically we're susceptible for manipulation and most of the time the politicians don't really defend the public interests, but the individual ones. I'm not going deep in this topic, it would need me to study more about it and share my point of view based in facts that exist in each culture.

What I'm trying to say is that the politics can come from us. The disappointment with our current governments make us lose the interest in this topic and believe that there is no way to change our world. The inequality that exists is maybe the heaviest topic. It can be locally, where there is difference of opportunities between social levels, gender, color skin, sexuality, religion, background. But it also can be from different countries. Like the different opportunities that someone that was born in Europe has comparatively with someone that was born in Central Africa.

I don't believe that I'll be someone that will change the world doing a big revolution and make everyone equal during my life. But I do believe that our changes depends how much we understand about politics and how our mentality about it could change our world overtime.

Since we know about our local politics we could start to learn it globally. We can have a defined point of view which improvements we can do locally. This way we would be influenced hardly for the media manipulation, understanding the difference between social and individual interests.

I've been changing a lot in the past years traveling when I started to understand more about differences between peoples. Then I started to open my mind and try to understand different point of view, culture, religion, sexual option and backgrounds.

My mind is changing constantly with all the interactions that I have everyday, also my curiosity to learn more about the past of our societies and then trying to see a "salvation" for our future.

Basically the way that I work with politics now is in small scales. There are some conceptions that for me is really clear now, other I'm still building in my brain. The ones that I feel to be a kind of solution for our social problems I use to share with people that are open to listen and argue.

I just learned over time that there is always a way how to talk with people. We just need to understand before how to do it understanding them. If they are extreme right or left wing, it doesn't really matter. They key is finding a way how to access them and talk, then understanding and respecting them.

Respect is a good start. Be open for different options is another important one. If you close yourself for not understanding why people have different options, you're never gonna be able to talk with them and maybe build a common idea. 

I'm far to find a solution, but I believe that I'm getting closer and a secret of any problem is understanding the reason why it's going on and learn how to treat it. For me currently the best key to see how the future is gonna be is understanding the past.

Open your mind to get know more about politics, this is really essencial for our life.

'To know your future you must know your past'
George Santayana

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