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A rich homeless

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domingo, 28 de janeiro de 2018

Reciclagem - Granada

For who doesn't know, I'm currently living in Granada. My favorite city in Spain until now. Today I just wanna share a personal experience that I had.

Every Sunday in Granada there is an open market that locals make stands and start to sell clothes and food. For clothes it's a really good place. Normally they are really cheap, being second hand in good condition and sometimes new brand ones from old collection of some well known brands. About food it's more like local farmers that sell their own food. You can have there local fruits and vegetables with a fair price.

I've been in this market before twice to buy some second hand clothes, but this time it was more interesting. I Knew that some people use to go there after the market is finished. The reason is because some of the sellers put some food and fruits way after the day. A lot of the food that doesn't look nice to be sold go to the trash. Even if most some of them are perfect to eat that you can't even say that you just found it the trash.

Trash, that's the thing. I went there today to search for fruits and vegetables in the trash. When I said trash it can mean a food that was in a box that the seller left in the ground for people picking it up or even sometimes in the garbage. 

I was impressed today in one of the big garbages that were in the street, there were a lot of tomates that looked great and I just picked some of them. Once they couldn't be sold because of the appearance they just put it way.

I also could collected nice paprikas, pear, cherry tomatoes, spring onions and other things. In the group that I was they also found onions, potatoes, avocado, egg plant and a lot of other vegetables.

The coolest thing is that this place a lot of people know it and big part of the food that could go to the trash, people like us take it and use to eat.

Sadly it's just a small part of the food that everyday are wasted in supermarkets, restaurants or market like this.

Avoiding the waste of food, we could have a big meal at lunch and some ingredients to cook during the week.

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