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sexta-feira, 26 de janeiro de 2018

Draft Trip - Balkans - #7HT

It was time to say goodbye again and move to another city. I've spent a little bit more than 12h in Karlsruhe between walks and talks. I would love to spend longer time in some places during my trip, but I had just 5 weeks before I needing to be back to Luxembourg and start my student job. Once I had no previous plan, I didn't know yet where I would go. I had so many scenarios in my mind. When I left from Luxembourg actually I was thinking about to cross Switzerland, France and go until the south of Spain. I also considered that maybe I could go Italy or some other places.

Once I was in Germany, I had a picture that what I wanted do and where I wanted go. I decided then travel in the south of Germany, crossing Bavaria and somehow in the ending up in the Balkans. I've heard a lot of good things about the Balkan countries and for me it would be a kind of dream trip that I wanted to do since long time. I thought that I could visit Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Albania. After I could go back by flight from Greece or Italy. In fact I just put some hearts in the Google maps, planning more less cities that I wanted visit. In this time at least big part of the way was kind of drafted. I though that after Bavaria I could go to Czech Republic visiting cities such Pilsen and Český Krumlov and then crossing Austria in one or two stops in the direction to Croatia. Once there, I could go by the coast side of Croatia or going in the direction to Belgrade in Serbia and then go to Sarajevo in Bosnia. Afterwards I needed to see how many time and money I would have to keep traveling, checking the best way how to go back to Luxembourg.

My unplanned trip was starting to have a format. With my first experiences I could learn my daily limit in km. I decided to travel making connections between cities in about 100km - 150km of distance. Meaning that theoretically I could do this distance per day not having a hard time. Also I could start to send Couchsurfing request in 2 days of advance. Even having a kind of format I wouldn't give up about my freedom and once you'll see this model was just a draft, at the ending it was more less something like this, but with few changes about places and time. The unexpected gives fear, but the pleasure is worth it.

Well, Couchsurfing wasn't working that well when I was leaving from Karlsruhe to my next destination. I've sent requests to Stuttgart, ULM and Augsburg with no answers until that moment. In fact I didn't want to go to Stuttgart, it was a kind of big city that I was avoiding to go. I needed a second plan if the first one to arrive in Bavaria wouldn't work. Here I was again with my signal in the exit of the highway in going to an unknown destination.   

Going to ULM?

Here is my backpack again

My hearts


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