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A rich homeless

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sábado, 20 de janeiro de 2018

Voluntary job - Organic Farm

Let's go back to the past... More less one year ago, I've started my first voluntary job in Luxembourg. I've heard a lot about the platforms such as Workway and WWOOF, but I've never had the chance before to do it. Once I've hosted a lot travelers in my first months in Luxembourg, few of them had experienced it and they recommended me to do the same. For having contact with simple and manual activities, learning/improving a language at the ending having a exchange for your work for accommodation and sometimes food.

The last factor was the one that motived me to do it. I would like to say that I've done it because I wanted learn something or that I wanted to improve the language, something like this, but the truth is that my main motivation was having a place to sleep and food to eat.

In February of last year I just saw myself broken again, once I was making money doing an illegal rent of my university room by Airbnb, the university just noticed my illegal act for the second time, they gently sent me a letter asking me to leave from my room in one week. Well, that's what I did and without the Airbnb money I was broken, once it was the only source that I had.

Then I need to plan the next movement. Inspirited in the idea of someone that I met in this time I decided to do Workway for 3 weeks in this organic farm, place that for sure I could sleep and maybe eat without spending the money that I didn't have. After spending few days in a friend's place in France, I just arrived in the farm in the beginning of March. 

That was my first farm job. In the exchange of my work I had a big flat to share with another voluntary, completely renovated with all of basic things needed.

It was basically a organic farm that the main production was chicken's eggs, but also there were some production of milk, cow meat and chicken meat. They also had a cute shop with just organic products. The best was that we could have all of food that we wanted from the shop. I don't how health were the products, once I couldn't effort to pay them normally, but they were really expensive that made me feel to have the best food of my life. Things like:

1kg of black rice - 15 euros
1kg of Special ham - 80 euros
200ml of Garlic Oil - 8 euros
200gr of Shrimp - 10 euros
200ml juice bottled - 6 euros
1 frozen pizza - 5 euros

I can't remember all the prices and products but there was a big variety of fresh vegetables and fruits, most of them from other local farms. A big amount of cheeses, breads, milks, meats, teas, biscuits, beauty products, coffee, cakes, juices, grains even beers. Well, the shop was small, i just need to close my eyes having a mental tour to remind me most of the things. Can you imagine? I could take anything that I wanted, like the most expensive chocolate in my life: 20g - 3 euros.

Wait, but I need to work to eat these great food and sleep in the apartment. The work was fine. I just need to work 5h - 6h per day, during 4 days per week. Half of the time in the farm collecting eggs that came from a machine, cleaning them and separating in a box. It was easy, just boring, once I had to spend a little bit more than 2 hours separating more less 2000 eggs per day doing always the same movements: Collecting the egg - cleaning the egg - puting the egg in the box - collecting the egg - cleaning the...

Yes, the brain was bugging sometimes, but once I said, it was a easy job, gladly I didn't need to spend the entire day there.

The second part was organizing all of vegetables and fruits by kind in different boxes. Everyday 7am we have 2 hours to collect all of the stuff from a big refrigerator and separate them in more less 24 boxes for fruits and 26 for vegetables. It was okay as well, despite that the box sometimes were heavy and the label of them could be in german, french or Luxembourglish. It means that until the last days there were some names that I didn't memorize and I was still asking the help.

Well, it was a brief story about my experience, I will add some pictures to make it more visual for you :)

My 24 boxes of fruits :D


Starting the eggs' task

Finishing the day task

Not friendly cows

Most expensive chocolate ever

Danke schön
Villmols Merci.
Merci beaucoup.

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