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segunda-feira, 19 de fevereiro de 2018

Český Krumlov -> České Budějovice - #27HT

I have no words to describe how was my experience in Český Krumlov. I believe that you could feel it just reading me in my previous articles.

Maybe you should try to explore cities in Czech Republic that's not Prague. By the way Prague is just amazing, this is one of my favorite cities in Europe. If you ask me, I would give you this list: Granada, Prague, Budapest, Mostar and Napoli. 

Český Krumlov was just one more tourist city that I visited but with all of medieval feeling to be living centuries ago, completely different than European modern cities that I use to see.

I believe that in this small country there are so many cities still to be discovered. In a soon future I would love to travel there and check it out. Recently I had a Couchsurfing guest from there that surprisingly stayed in my place at the same time that I'm writing about my experience in Czech Republic and inspired to write more about this Country. Of course spending a little bit more than 2 days there, it wasn't enough to give more information about it, but my experience in this trip was great. I'll try to visit other cities in a soon future and I would be happy to meet my guest again in Olomouc, her city.

It's time to say goodbye to Český Krumlov and we were moving to České Budějovice, this time a non touristic city.

As I said earlier, my trip with these girls would make my way how to travel differently. It's not in a bad way, the opposite, I had such great experiences with them and in this time there weren't hitchhiking or Couchsurfing. 

Couchsurfing again didn't work. Nobody was interested in České Budějovice to host 3 backpackers. This city was bigger than Český Krumlov, but the 100 thousand inhabitants living there didn't have active CS community. It's still fine, we could book a nice flat there, 25min walking from the city center even cheaper than the one that we rent in Český Krumlov. Finding a host for 3 people is hard and we accepted this failed without any troubles once we didn't need to spend a big amount of money renting somewhere to sleep. In fact we lost the local experience in staying with someone from there, but it was the best alternative that we could find.

About not doing a hitchhiking trip this time, our decision was easy to be made. The trains is Czech Republic normally are really cheap and we needed to travel just 25km, by hitchhiking it wouldn’t be a big deal, but the train costing a little bite more than one euro was really attractive and we decided to take it.

The trains aren't the fastest ones, but the price worth it. This 25km was made in a little bit more than 30min. It's not like a eastern trains, but so much cheaper. I remember that I had to pay once 11 euros from Thionville - France to Betembourg - Luxembourg by train for the same 25km.

Being faster or slower we arrived there easily after living our first experience by train in Czech Republic, that was actually really comfortable and there was a bar in the train station that we could have cheap and good beers while we were waiting for the train. 

Uvidíme se v Českých Budějovicích.

It's not the best picture from České Budějovice, I swear

They will probably complain this picture saying that it ugly, but I don't agree, it's just a natural moment.

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