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A rich homeless

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domingo, 18 de fevereiro de 2018

Český Krumlov - Czech Republic - #25HT

We had great night of sleep after our memorable night. I was already satisfied just with this night, my trip was already worth it just from the first few hours. But well, we still had one entire day to explore before moving to the next destination.

The cool thing about not partying is that when you're traveling during the daylight, you feel really more energetic to go out and explore the city that you're visiting than if you partied until late in the day before. I don't avoid parties when I have the opportunity to go, but this was the positive side about to skip a Saturday night party, my Sunday morning was really more productive.

We walked around the entire city seeing a different view between the daylight and nightlight. We couldn't see anymore the lights in the hill and in the castle, but my perspective changed completely. With the daylight I could see all of the details of the old houses and the cute narrow streets crossing the city. There were so many different ways to see the city. My favorite one were from the low part of the city where I could sit in the riverfront in a sunny and warm day seeing the tallest town from the castle in front of me. By the first time in this trip I could walk in the street with a shirt without any sweater or jacket. The day was surprisingly warm for a beginning of April.

The second stop that I really liked as well was from the castle to the city, where you I could see the entire city from the top. All of cute houses and their roofs, the river, mountains, a big church and another part of the castle were making the perfect post card picture of the city.

As I did with Landshut, I believe that I can make you get know about this place more with pictures than with words. 

The pictures are what I my old phone registered. A little bit that what my eyes saw in this cute medieval city. I'm not going to be informative about Český Krumlov to you. There are great sources online talking about it. I'm just going to advice you to visit there. Even being a tourist city, I really loved the city and if in Germany I chose Landshut, in Czech Republic my city is Český Krumlov.  

Užijte si!!

Užijte si!!

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