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domingo, 18 de fevereiro de 2018

Český Krumlov - Night life - #24HT

Finally safe arriving in Český Krumlov, everything that we need after this long day was finding our warm place that we could sit, relax and have a warm shower again.

By the first time in this trip I was spending money with accommodation, but this time it definitely was worth it. Once we were a group of 3 people, none of my Couchsurfing request worked. 

Český Krumlov is a historic city and the second city with more visitors in Czech Republic, just after Prague, but the population is just 13 thousand people. I definitely believe that there were so more Couchsurfing requests than hosts available there. We lost the chance to see the city with a local eyes, but once we would spend just one day there to rent a studio was the best option. 

We stayed in a neighborhood in the opposite direction of the city center needing to cross the main road to access there. The fact that I would be renting a place, it doesn't mean that I wouldn't keep the plan of my low cost trip. In fact the place was cheap for 3 of us, I believe that each of us spent around 8 euros per each to a have the entire studio for us. It was a small one that we needed to walk 15min to the city center, with a room and living room connected, a tiny kitchen and a bathroom. Everything that we needed was there.

In fact we couldn't find a hostel cheaper than this for each of us, once Český Krumlov is a touristic city, it's also expensive for the Czech average of prices. If you are in Prague and move to another city in Czech Republic, you can definitely see the difference of prices between them. 

After we having the time to relax, having a shower and organizing our stuff, we needed to look for some place to eat in this moment. Our last real meal was in breakfast, more than 12h before. This neighborhood that we were staying there were just apartments around. For the size of the population and amount of apartments there, I believe that it was the place that most of the people of the city were living there. I was surprised that even being a residential neighborhood, there were no supermarkets or local restaurants around. We were trying to avoid eating in the touristic area, but once we couldn't find other options, the only alternative was going there.

In fact it was cool to see the city at night that it looked so beautiful with the lights in the hills and the castle located on the top of the city. The main entrance of the city is basically a big gate made by stone, making you have the feeling that you're coming back to the past and entering in a medieval city.

We would have more time to explore the city, our goal in that moment was finding a warm meal. Since it was 10pm, surprisingly most of the restaurants there were closing. For a tourist city I expected that it would have plenty of options to go out, but it wasn't really there. We were walking in the city seeing closed restaurants and some opened ones but it looked kind of fancy. There were so many people in the streets and we asked to the few them where we could find "the place". Somewhere to eat, not paying really much, but they seemed to be as lost as us, looking for some opened nice place.

It's the kind of story again, losing ourselves we can find ourselves. Waking randomly in these small and cute streets without any Google maps, we saw from the outside some lights inside a bar that looks more like a house and got it there looking to have finally food. Believe me: we found "the place". In this dead Saturday night that only place that seemed to be interesting were an amazing bar.

This was a bar with the roof in the shape that churches have, like few concave circles, but not having a big distance between the ground and the roof. I don't know, I believe that it was one coolest bar that I've been in my life, even being in a tourist area I could feel like living a Czech experience.  The moment just became more special when three guys just came inside the bar to play Czech songs. I couldn't recognize which style they were playing; making me believe that it was something like a country Czech style of music. They played couple songs using guitar, accordion and violin. I naturally love music and I'm really fascinated for alive ones when you're not listening the music in your headphone or speaker, but when you see how each sound of each instrument is being made and the mixture between all of them that in the ending become a song and this song is being reproduced from us being humans. Our movements, our feelings, our concentration, skills... All this melody are been reproduced by musical instruments, that without us it wouldn't have any sounds. For me it's something magic. Music in my option is the best creation that the human being ever made and to see the melody alive from our physical action is just an amazing moment. 

Inside this place eating some snacks to fill my stomach, drinking Czech beers in a small medieval bar, watching a alive concert in Czech I could say: I was in Czech Republic.

That's how was my Saturday night that even without parties or ending up drunk after pub-crawl, it was an unique night that I wouldn't change none detail.

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