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quinta-feira, 8 de fevereiro de 2018

Finding partners - #18HT

In fact these two days that I spent in Strasbing changed significantly my trip. My original plan was to travel from Belgium to the Balkans by myself doing Couchsurfing and Hitchhiking. That's the original plan. In fact I didn't change that much, it was more less something that I described above, I didn't just drop part of my plans postponed buying the flight ticket from somewhere that would go back. I couldn’t know where would be the final destination

Do you remember my host from Königsbronn that just hitchhiked with me to Munich? Well, before leaving I invited her to join me in my trip for few days. Nadine wasn't sure because she needed to prepare herself once in few weeks she would move to work in Canary Islands. But in my way to Strasbing, I just got her answer. She accepted my invitation to spend 2 days traveling in Czech republic. She would join me in the day after, but I needed to check with the friend of my aunt would accept to host her for one night.

About the ending of the hitchhiking trip, the guy was great and just dropped me in front of that house of the Cris. She just gave me instructions to find to open the backyard door and pick a key in vase with some flowers then open the door and wait her there. I've waited for one hour, not a big deal. Cris is a really close friend of my aunt and the first meeting was something like that I already knew her. We have similar backgrounds, from the same country, state, hometown and our neighborhoods were close from each other. Both of us were born in a ghetto and our dialect, called, as "baianês" is something quite of different from others.

Yes, I was 6 months in Europe and I barely had contact with Brazilians and I fact was the first person from my hometown that I met. The communication was just great.

Again, I felt that I knew her since long time. You know the thing about to ask her if my host hitchhiker could stay there? I just needed to explain my story how I was traveling saying that my host would like to stay there for one night, I just got an "of course yes".

After listening my entire trip story she just told me that would like to join in my trip. She said it before, but I was thinking that it was just a joke. Ok, Cris was living in Germany for the past 15 years, but didn't use to travel that often because she needed to take care of her son. I explained her with all of details what's a low cost trip means. Also like a professor teaching a kid, I need to explain what's Couchsurfing and hitchhiking, how it works and how hard it can be sometimes.

In her mind to sleep in someone's place "for free" would be impossible and being in the highway asking for ride as well.
She was trying to convince to take bus, rent a hotel, things like this. I tried to be as clear as possible, I swear. At the ending even with some doubts she accepted my challenge. 

We were in a kind of intimal level that I told her if she wouldn't handle it I would let her alone :P

Well, plans change and once I was really flexible in my trip, I made a group of hitchhikers that in two nights we would travel together. It made me excited, now another stage of my trip would start, my period working in team, not as a solo traveler anymore.

It's just the place that I found the key. Nothing special with flower, relax.


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