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A rich homeless

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domingo, 4 de fevereiro de 2018

München - Deutschland - #13HT

München, Munich, Monique, whatever the way that you call it, this is the biggest city in Bavaria and the second that one that receives more visitors in Germany every year.

This is one of my exceptions about to avoid big cities in my trip. I don't know why I stopped there, it was more about feeling, I felt that I should go there and check it out. I definitely don't regret about it.

My tourist experience was something like walking around the city for few minutes, taking pictures of nice spots, having some snacks in the street and grabbing a glass of beer. Having a lost walk, without checking any Tripadvisor. I checked the attractions, but more in a relaxed way, where I just saw what was coming out of me. I wasn't checking them, they were checking me. :D

My real München experience was when I arrived in my host place. She was a 46 years old woman that was doing Couchsurfing by the first time as host without any references in this social network. She was someone that just accepted an urgent request of a Brazilian backpacker. On the other hand, she actually had traveled a lot around the world and had really more experiences than me and many other people that I know. It was a kind of natural way how to travel that I can't imagine. The way that backpackers used to do 20, 30 years ago where technology didn't exist. The time that I couldn't use my smartphone to send a Couchsurfing request or where's the best route to hitchhike.

I definitely don't believe that today I could travel without smartphone. If you already have done it, please, give me tips. I don't know what I could do in the road that was in Montenegro to go back to Bosnia without an smartphone to show the right road, the detail is that to find someone that speak English isn't that easy. Roads that I believe that even in those big printed road maps it would be possible to see.

I should have asked her about it, it's fascinating. I do appreciate when I meet expert backpackers. For me they are PhD in a school that I'm still a freshman.

Just arriving in her cool flat and going to have some fresh water I just saw a lot paper sticky paper notes written in a language that I couldn't recognize. She was basically studying Hawaiian. A language that, ignorant as I am, I didn't know it existed, even living in the USA for 18 months. She had been there few times and was studying the language to be able to talk closer with the locals.

That's another thing that is really important to get know a place better. You normally need to speak their local language to get know them better. The way that we're going to interact with them is going to be completely different.

The coolest stuff in her flat was the huge collection of vinyl. I don't remember the right amount of vinyl that she had, but I believe that it was something about 10 thousand different ones. Her entire hall had 2 long cabinets with three different levels full of vinyl.

Her father was DJ from the 50's to the 80's and she took part of his collection when he died. This was already I big collection, I can't imagine how many vinyl was the entire collection.

In the 80's to be DJ weren't that easy. The DJ started to use music equipment to mix different songs and make just one out of it or even creating their own songs by different beats or instruments in the 50's. The cool guy with headphones playing music by software in a laptop was started to be seeing in early of 2000's. I'm not saying that it's easy now, I'm trying to learn to mix music or create them using software in my laptop, but I do appreciate these guys that created this idea and made great songs without the same technology that we have now. They weren't DJ's but recently I'm enjoying listening a lot old styles of music from the 30's, 40's, 50's. I like how these songs were simple and beautiful at the same time, something like Cheek to Cheek. This one I can get know better the background of new styles of music that I like. I recommend you to do the same, look for the background of your favorite style of music.

The way that she was talking about him to me, I could imagine how good he was and imagine how complicated was to make his art.

We spent hours talking with each other, sharing, arguing and get understanding about a lot of things. We had deep conversations about so many topics. That's the time that you build and rebuild your ideas.

I feel more grateful about the intense exchange that we had and then the bed to sleep. And that's how I ended up my night in Munich.


 Listening some Pablo. Not this one :P

A cool church around there

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