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A rich homeless

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terça-feira, 6 de fevereiro de 2018

Munich => Landshut - #14HT

Living from my remarkable experience in Munich after a breakfast that I had with my cool host sharing some Pretzels, my favorite German bread. We just said goodbye to each other and wishing the best for both of us.

I had a host in this day in Landshut, my last Couchsurfer in Germany in this trip. I forgot to tell you about it, but after Landshut, I was going to Straubing to meet a friend of my aunt that was giving me some hope to find an internship there.

My goal this day was doing 73km of hitchhiking, not a really hard mission. I just started to walk until somewhere close from the exit of the city eating another Pretzel. In this way I felt that something as I said in the last post, being lost to find myself. I walked along the river. In this way there were a lot of nice spots and few attractions as well.

I had this kind of peaceful moment, empty mind, like you just walk feeling relaxed without any worries in your mind. 

Once I was in my spot, I just waited for one hour more less, after trying to hitchhike and walking ahead many times looking for the best spot. Gladly a cool guy from there just picked me and said my hitchhiking there would never work in this spot. Actually it worked because he stopped, but well, he said that in this place nobody would pick me up there, once the cars were going to somewhere around the city and not leaving from Munich. Super friendly guy, he just drove me to the right exit of the highway. 

In a world where normally we are losing faith in people and hardly trusting them based in the frustration that previously we had in the life. Moments like that and other that I had not just in this trip, but in the last years, make me see how beautiful are the human being.

Whatever the religion that you have, the biggest lesson of life for me was when Jesus said: "Love your neighbor as yourself". Damn, this is so heavy. You don't really need to be Christian or religious to believe on it. For me, the word called as Empathy is something that we are currently missing in the world. Things would be completely better for everyone with we could give the chance to love other people more often.

When you're have this feeling you start to help people just by feeling, not expecting anything back from them or thinking that the nature or a god is going to give something back to you. It's just by feeling and it was the way that I felt with people that hosted me and gave me rides.

I've spent just 10min with him, but I felt so grateful. Afterwards, another cool guy from Landshut picked me up and drove me to his city giving all of information about there as local that any Tripadvisor could tell me about it. I had again a guide tour, this time with his car driving around his city and telling about these places. Just great, I believe that you give more about yourself to people you always receive more from them back. Human interactions!

See you in Landshut! 

 Kind of cliche, but I liked it

Something that I don't know what it is. It was written in german, but there a Bavaria flag there.

Kind of Snapchat stuff with my pretzel.

 Probably a building from the government

 I like the symmetry 


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  1. Beautiful photos.x Sound like you had a fun day.

  2. That was one fun adventure, you looked like you had a great time. More power to your blog.


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