Strážný - Czech Republic - #22HT - A Rich Homeless

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A rich homeless

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terça-feira, 13 de fevereiro de 2018

Strážný - Czech Republic - #22HT

In Portuguese we have an expression called as "mamão com açucar", translating for you, it means papaya wit sugar. It's old expression that means "something easy". People say that papaya and sugar it's something really good and easy to make, just cut the papaya and put the sugar inside.

Anyway, this trip that we had now could call as mamão com açucar. We still had 2 hours to reach the train station and we had 15km to hitchhike in a road that there were just two alternatives that the cars could take, in the direction of Volary or Prague. 

Dude, Prague was 160km far away from there and in these Czech roads it means that they would travel more than 2h of distance. I don't know why all of cars were going to that direction, maybe not just to Prague, but maybe other cities before as well. The thing was, almost no one was going to Volary and the few cars that passed in the first hour, the drivers weren't even looking at us.

The papaya became hard to eat and we didn't have time to walk 15km in this one hour. Actually we were trying to walk, but slowly. We maybe did 3km while we were Hitchhiking. Strážný there were just some house and hotels next to the road and even having maybe a place to sleep in an eventual fail, we didn't want to spend money booking a hotel. Our focus was to reach Volary. 

After more than one hour trying, two guys in a car just crossed us in another direction looking at us and saying something in Czech, I have no clue what. But then after few minutes they were passing in the same highway, but in the direction that we needed to go. I was feeling a kind of weird feeling about these guys once they crossed us before with the eyes like: "What this guys are doing here?" 

Well, they stopped the girls were talking with them, once they just speak German and Czech. Well, new lesson, probably many Czech that lives in the German border understands German. When the girls said to me that they were going to Volary, I just jumped in the car with them seeing it as the only option. Inside the car, my feeling just became stranger. Their entire car had stickers written something about porn, some pinup pictures and a big one written: I love porn.

It was kind of weird experience; they were really quiet for the next 15km, not really communicative at all. Gladly they just dropped us in the train station in Volary.

I need to assume that I felt kind of unsafe in this short trip, but everything was all right. I didn't want to judge the guys, but it was a really natural feeling, that I couldn't avoid it. 

Don't be afraid, for many hitchhiking experiences, this was one of the weird ones and maybe it wasn't that weird in fact. Again, my sensitive way was just activated.

Btw, it's not my picture, I just google: Sunset Volary. Our day was cloudy, not like this.

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