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A rich homeless

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quarta-feira, 7 de fevereiro de 2018

Student Life - Landshut - #16HT

After a tourist post about Landshut, you'll be back to mind, eyes and feelings. Landshut wasn't just the cute city that I visited, it was the first one that I had party in my trip. Once I was traveling in a really short budget, spending money in Bars or clubs was the last thing that I was looking for. Germany in the case was kind of expensive. I would afford it just in Czech Repulblic and Balkans.
Well, I just met my host after my walking tour. She was student in the city and I was her first guest in her new place. She was living in a University dorm that had few floors and something like 10 rooms per floor. I can't remember the right amount, but I was a big place full of people. Once I couldn't sleep in the living room, because it would be crowed, she just had a extra mattress in her room where I could stay.

Everything started with the shopping night. Beers. It's something obligatory in german parties and they are really cheap in the supermarket.

If you don't really care about quality of beers I believe that you can get drunk easily with less than 2 euros. There were a half liter beer being sold for 25 cents. We've got some this 25 cents ones. The trick is that in Germany you pay for the bottle as well. It sounds bad, but the idea is just great. The reason why is that when you give the bottle back to the supermarket you can get the money back. Also when you're drinking in the street and don't wanna keep the bottle you can leave it somewhere in the street, there are always gonna someone that you'll pick it up to sell it. Actually there are some people that live for it. Each bottle cost between 7 - 25 cents depending of the material and it can be bottles of water, beers, soda, juice and others. Afterwards the government don't need to be worried about the separation of trash for glass and some plastics, make the recycling easier. What I saw is that the government gives the responsibility for people in this service. You maybe can't agree, but I as way how the government can save money, making us being part of their services without we notice it. The money that they save and the efficiency in the recyclable systems can be spent later in other areas of the society (Theoretically).

Ready with beers, the landlord of her place was offering a dinner and she just invited me to join with her flatmates. We just had a lot of Bratwurst and Rostbratwurst. They are german sausages that you can find easily in food trucks in the street. I do like it, another thing about the german culinary that's not so popular is that the sausages are really popular and tasty. 

I couldn't follow the dinner conversation once they all spoke german there. The only german sentences that I could say were:

Guten Morgen;
Gute Nacht;
Ich bin Brasilianer;
Ich bin Alexandre.

That's it, no more. But well after the dinner was over they were really friendly and started to interact with my, even me being the only non german speaker there. We were just talking and drinking beers with my speaker that I was putting some Brazilian music: Braza

Suddenly a big speaker and a ping pong table just arrived. We were going to start the not sober part of the night. Well, my memories about beer pong when I was playing in the USA used to end up with the alcohol's effects on the body afterwards :P. I use used a nice setence to say DRUNK. Euphemism.

It wasn't different, after needing to drink 4 cups in the less than 20 minutes, we here go! I kept playing other rounds, but always losing it, I don't know why :) 

It was the night that I felt part of the group as someone 7 years younger than me studying in Landshut and having a house party with my flatmates.

It's the perfect description of: Traveling as a local. I felt myself as a local for few hours. Maybe you don't know what I'm talking about. You can maybe visit all of continents, several countries, having souvenirs and post cards from all of them, but maybe you never had this feeling because you always cared about comfort and stayed in a hostel, traveler by public transport and didn't give to yourself the chance to meet a local. In truth I spent my entire life doing the same. I've traveled a lot in my life since 17, I visited 11 states in Brazil and 24 states in the USA in one year, but none of my trips made feel as a local. I would love to see cities such as New York City, San Francisco, New Orleans and Chicago as a local, maybe one day can go there again and do Couchsurfing. I was always a tourist traveling around and believe me, this feeling that I'm describing for you I just started to feel almost 2 years ago in my first backpacker trip in Europe.

I always recommend to everyone:

Lose your fears;
Travel by yourself;
Stop to be picky;
Do Couchsurfing;
Do hitchhiking;
Give more attention to places and people than your smartphone.

That's my lesson for today. The picture that I took from my host bathroom is the perfect description of my night.

 Beer pong

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