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A rich homeless

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segunda-feira, 19 de fevereiro de 2018

The Meal - CZ - #26HT

Who's traveling and really need to make a low cost trip understand that it can be combined with some sacrifices. It's not every night that you have a comfortable bed to sleep as you could have in a hotel or an rented accommodation. It's not everyday that you can have a warm shower. You don't have the comfort to travel by train or bus from a point to another without any worries. Food? To have a good food depends where you are. If there is a supermarket close by and a kitchen to cook, you can easily manage it and avoid fast food. 

In most of the countries in Europe to eat outside normally is expensive. In my budget I couldn't afford to pay between 10 - 15 euros in single meal. It's a bit hard when I planned to spend the same amount to cover all of my day expenses that included food, accommodation, transport and drinks. 

Since I left from Charleroi I was cooking in my CS places, buying cold food in the supermarket or having some cheap fast food in the street. Sitting in a restaurant and appreciate a meal weren't an option for me until this day.

Since I left from Germany I could start to think about to eat in a restaurant and that's what happened. Who ever been in Czech Republic knows how cheap is the food there and I'm not talking about Prague that even been cheap compared with other capitals in Europe, it's still the most expensive city in Czech Republic.

After walking around Český Krumlov, we were wondering about to stop somewhere to have some food. We had a flat with a kitchen that we could easily buy some food in the supermarket and cook it at our place, but once we had a hard core trip in the day before, we deserved to find a nice spot to relax and have good food.

Again, looking for places not really tourists we ended up in a restaurant in the edge of the Moldava River, the one that cross the city in zigzag.

Seriously, it was really cool to seat in the riverfront, having a good and warm meal just chilling, actually a lot of good food. The 3 of us didn't spend a lot of money for this amount of food and a large Czech beer. I believe that everything didn't cost more than 20 euros for all of us. If I had taken a street food in Germany for instance it would cost me at least 4 euros. Paying less than 7 euros for this amount was a really good deal.

It was my luxury moment, when a rich homeless can eat properly, not spending a lot of money, having a amazing view to few attractions in one of the most beautiful cities in that I've visited in Europe. This is Czech Republic! 

 My fancy view in the riverfront

This picture is creepy, but you can see the entire table 

 I should have taken the picture before drinking the beer

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