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quinta-feira, 8 de fevereiro de 2018

Time to settle down - #17HT

It has already 8 days since I left from Charleroi and almost everyday I've sleep in a different bed and spending hours standing in the highway. For my first kind of hard-core trip, I needed a spot to relax and recover my energies and that's what happened in this chapter.

I didn't need to look for a host this night, because I was traveling to meet my aunt’s friend in Straubing. This would be my last stop in Germany before going to Czech Republic.

In fact I didn't know her before arriving there. For who doesn't know my story: I came to Europe to look for a job and but I didn't find it when I was in Brazil and then I decided to move to study here. Once I had the visa I would have time to look for it presently. But well, it was harder than I imagined. The fact that I'm not European makes everything really harder. The immigration control in EU now is really severe for "n" reasons that if you're European you already know about it. Economical crises, higher unemployment rates, immigration of refugees and growth of the right wing and other factors affect it.

Well, this was my reason to go there, once she was inviting me since few months. Now I just needed to hitchhike to there. This 60km wasn't that easy in fact. I just stood in the exit of Landshut for few hours and basically nobody stopped for me. Most of the places that I hitchhiked, there was nobody hitchhiking at the same time. I don't know how often people hitchhike in small cities in Germany, such as Landshut, but there most of the people had curious looking. People in the street or in cars, they were probably trying to understand why I was holding a piece of paper in my hand and raising my thumb to reach the attention of people.

Maybe they aren't use to see it often or even never saw it before. I believe that the fact that I'm a man, with a peculiar (South American) appearance made it more rare for them. I don't know exactly yet how psychologically works for someone stop his/her car and pick up a backpacker. I have so many theories from the driver his/her culture, social level, education, travel experience and also the appearance of the hitchhiker or the way that he or she's standing in the highway. More experiences are going to make me more mature.  

I believed that I was in the best spot, but after waiting for few hours I just gave up and decided to go to the train station. Once in the train station I just checked some trains to Straubing, but It was a kind of expensive. Then the cheaper option was taking a train to stop in a city in half of the way. After few minutes here I was in Laberweinting. It's a tiny village; there were just the train station and some houses around. I don't believe that even Germans know its existence. I just Googgled that there are 3000 inhabitants there.

Leaving from the train station in Laberweinting, I started to hitchhike again in a local road. Again, it wasn't working hahaha. It wasn't really my lucky day. I was about 23km from Straubing and after one hour, about 5km walking, I was enjoying to see the countryside landscapes that remind me when I was walking in the border from Belgium to Luxembourg. Even tired, I believed that I could walk in the border of the road for more 18km, once I was kind of pessimist about hitchhiking. But well in this moment that I had no expectation one guy just stopped next to me and asked me where I was going and perfectly he was going to the same place as me.

Seriously it was perfect, I wasn't even holding the paper anymore. In this moment I was just a guy with a big backpack walking next to the road. That's how things can always be in our life, in the moments that we're not expecting anything, amazing things can happen.

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