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A rich homeless

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terça-feira, 13 de fevereiro de 2018

Volary - Czech Republic - #23HT

After our short and weird ride, we just arrived in the train station, looking to take the next train that would come in the few minutes. In fact the train station was completely empty. But it wouldn't a surprise once we almost didn't see anyone in the city. In fact Volary is a village with just 5000 inhabitants. Well, Strážný had just 500 inhabitants, for us it was something like: finding the civilization.

The empty train station in fact was just a signal that there weren't trains and there were nobody to tell us about it. We found a schedule there saying that the train that would need to take was leaving from there just in some months of the year, like summer. The last train had left about one hour ago. 

It was hard to get information about the train schedule before we arrive there and in fact we trusted what was informed in Google maps about last train, but the Google probably didn't know that during some months in this time there was no trains.

Think that it was sunset time, meaning that in few minutes everything would be dark and to hitchhike 50km more wouldn't be that easy. This was a kind of critical moment, because this was the only way how to go to Cesky Krumlov.

Without so many options, we decided to hitchhike again. Once there were nobody in this city and no cars crossing there, I felt again that we couldn't make it. I was actually thinking about how we could sleep somewhere and try to hitchhike in the next morning. We had just two sleeping bags for 3 people and it was about 10 degrees at night, even with sleeping bags we would feel cold sleeping somewhere and without tent it would be really hard.

I consider this trip Strasbing - Cesky Krumlov as one of the hardest ones that I ever had. It was a long trip with few low moments that even being optimistic I had the feeling that it wouldn't work.

Walking in the dark road leaving from Volary, expecting a miracle and it just came. I believed that God sent this guy to save us. He was doing a trip exactly from Volary to Cesky Krumlov. It was a big lucky mixed with god energies and in this moment I believe that there is always a light that you can reach even when everything is completely dark.

I was so happy and relief to find this guy that I didn't really mind if he was driving madly in a road full of curves that he should be driving in 50 - 60km/h. He was the guy! Giving me some adrenaline, he was driving in 90 - 100km/h. The girls in silence were freaking out. But I was in this feeling of ecstasy, enjoying the high speed, seeing the beautiful landscapes in the Czech countryside, passing by the Lake Lipno, the largest lake in Czech Republic. 

After 40min driving he just dropped us in a road next to Cesky Krumlov, that we could go by walking to our Airbnb.

These 200km trip were one of the hardest challenges that I had in this trip. The girls were relief to leave from the car that we had big chances to die for the way that the guy was driving. I felt really happy at the ending about our first hitchhiking trip together and afterwards we could make fun of complex day trip.

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