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domingo, 4 de fevereiro de 2018

Write, read, listen, talk #12HT

It's been really cool to write about my personal travel experiences that I had in this trip. It's not something just informative for you reader, but something that makes me remind these experiences and live it again in my mind. It's a kind of movie that I recorded in my brain and I'm just watching it again. In fact when we have these intense and remarkable experiences, it's really hard to forget and these main experiences and we permanently are going to remember it for the rest of our life. For me to write about these experiences not just remind me these moments, but also it makes me have see now the details about each one of them and make me learn a lot as well and apply this lesson in my current life.

One year ago, I wrote a short personal book talking about myself in a psychological way. It's a kind of self-biography, but not really focused in my life trajectory, like growing up, family, university, career, and relationships... It was more about how I became the person that I was that time, based in specific experiences that I had in the past. In fact I used the strategy that therapists use in their sessions. The main work of a therapist is not give solutions for problems that we have or say what's wrong or right in our life. The main propose is making us learn more about ourselves. Once we understand ourselves better and how the past affect our present and probably will affect your future, we can treat it and find solutions by ourselves. 

I basically wrote this book, because I was having some problems in my life, such as financially and emotionally. This book actually helped me a lot to remind whom I am and what I've done in my life and how some experiences contributed to make the person that I'm now. In fact everyday, week, month, year, I become a different person. I'm not afraid to change, I'm not afraid to assume my mistakes, even being hard to do it. I'm not afraid to change my ideas about politics, religion, sexual orientation, genders, culture or any other subject that we face everyday. I'm open to change everything positively that could make me be a better personal and contribute to the world in someway positively.

The point that I'm trying to reach is that these experiences that I'm sharing with you now, it won't be just a dairy, informing something like how was my day. I'm not a public figure. What I want to do now is reminding me these experiences and making me think behind each action, it's more about what I've learned than what I've lived. These experiences nobody can take out of me, this is a fact, but the way that I can share reflections about some especial moments that could make the difference for you.

I don't know what's going on in your mind, I can't know it, I will never know if you won't give me a feedback, but this not really important for me. What's matter for me is how I can inspire you to get out of your comfort zone and start to think more about the world. The world that there are living with different people, cultures, traditions, ideologies and other aspects that define each one of us as an unique person.

I hope that you will be able to understand me in a deep way. I didn't find yet the best way how to contribute positively to make a better world (you can call me as utopian, I don't care), but I have the feeling that I'm in the way. If you know somehow a way, please do it. Communication is a good start. I do write, I do read, I do listen, I do talk. 

I hope that after I finish to write about these 6 weeks traveling, things in my mind can be clear, maybe for you as well.

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