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A rich homeless

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quarta-feira, 7 de março de 2018

Budweiser Budvar - #29HT

You're reading my brain now by my words. When I close my eyes I start to watch an alive movie recorded one year ago. I was already in middle of April, everything before this moment was already worth it. In České Budějovice our guy just showed his apartment, the same one from the outside to the inside.

We were a little bit tired after spending almost the whole day waking around Český Krumlov. We decided to have a quiet night, going to the supermarket buying some food to make dinner. It was the way that we spent the night, with good food and nice talks drinking the local beer, Budweiser.

For who doesn't know, České Budějovice is the city where Budweiser is come from. Not the American Budweiser that tastes like water. In fact I've drinking this beer in the USA for almost one year and half and I can see the notable difference compared with the Czech one.

No, Budweiser is not American, at least the origin of the name. The brand Budweiser was created in 1265 years and by the early 16th, 87% of the consumers from Kingdom of Bohemia were drinking this beer. For doesn't know Kingdom of Bohemia was a territory that consisted in the current Czech Republic, Slovakia and part of Italy, German, Poland, Hungary, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia, it was a huge area in Europe and most of the fan's beer were drinking it. The USA was colonized a little bit more than 400 years ago. In the fact the American branch was created in 1867 almost 600 years after its cousin.

The name's dispute is happening for more than 100 years and there is fight isn't really finished yet.  In 2009 the EU banned the American branch to sell beers in Europe with the Budweiser's name. Then they became Bud in Europe. On the other hand the Czech beer needed to change its name in the USA as well and in 2012 Budweiser started to be sold as Czechvar in the Uncle Sam land.

Over time there were few disputes, like UK that doesn't give the right of the name for none of the companies. Germany banned the bud name as well, needing to be sold as Anheuser-Busch B in 2009. Countries such USA, Canada and my Brazil sell this Czech beer as Czechvar until now.

Whatever the dispute between the companies I can definitely say that the Czech Budweiser is so much better than the American one. You can try to taste both of them and say what you think. Unfortunately the American Brand is more famous around the world because of the InBev. The half Belgium and half Brazilian brand, InBev is the biggest company of beer in the world, they produce now 20% of the beer that we drink, about 400 Billion liters of beer per year. The Czech one produce 1.6 billion of beer and just the BudLight, sub branch of the American Bud, produce 5.2 billion liters of beer per year, it just sells less than the Snow, a Chinese beer.

You probably heard more about the American one than the Czech one, but if never tried the original one, you should. Probably afterwards you can say that Budweiser is a good beer.



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