České Budějovice - Czech Republic - #30HT - A Rich Homeless

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A rich homeless

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quarta-feira, 7 de março de 2018

České Budějovice - Czech Republic - #30HT

After our quiet night, it was time to explore the unknown Czech city, České Budějovice. The city was quiet of small and we just started to walk from our place to the city center, about 30min by feet. The city wasn't as gorgeous as Český Krumlov, but a nice one. Our walk to the city center, mostly close from the rail trail, seeing some local life in quiet of nice houses in the way.

My memory about houses close from rail train is the ones in my hometown, Salvador, something like that. But well, we were in Czech Republic that's in the top 10 in the list of the poorest countries in the European Union. 

Another day I received Couchsurfing request from a guy saying that He traveled in rich and really poor countries in Europe, such as Romania. In fact Romania is the second poorest country in the EU and have financial and social problems that results in a big emigration of Romanians to other countries in the EU. In fact Romania has a GDP - per capita higher than in Brazil. Brazil is not a poor country by the way. If you want to talk about a really poor country you should maybe mention Zambia with $4000 per capita, not Romania with $24000 per capita. Anyway, the conception about poverty is a little bit different for who never had the chance to travel outside of Europe or the US. I've no clue what means poverty by feeling. My family was poor in my first years of life. We lived in a ghetto in my hometown, in a really simple house in a area with high level of criminality for the first 8 years of my life. Even that, I can't compare myself with people that were born in Central Africa. They are constantly living in a fear of civil war, not having the easy access to housing, food, clean water and water waste. Millions of them die every year from hunger, diseases, the murder and other reasons. Ten percent of population never reaches 5 years old. In some countries such Angola, Central African Republic, Chad and Guinea-Bissau for each 7 kids one of them dies before 5 years old. Five percent of the Women just die when they are giving birth. In Chad the rate is even bigger, 9 for each 100. By average 1% of the African population dies every year. In Central Africa Republic 1.5% dies every year. Even Brazil being the country with more homicides in the world, this rate is 0.6%. It's so far from my reality that I can't even imagine it.

Anyways, Czech Republic, one of the poorest countries in the EU isn't really poor in my perspective. They have problems, such many other countries; even the developed countries in the world have problems as well. There is no perfect land, this is a fact.

České Budějovice just showed me how you can have quality of life in a "poor European country". Walking around the not tourist city center I could see a cute Czech city, with colorful old houses in the European style to have always big plazas, shops and nice cafes and restaurants.

This was my time there.


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