Czech Republic - Austria - #32HT - A Rich Homeless

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A rich homeless

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terça-feira, 13 de março de 2018

Czech Republic - Austria - #32HT

Checking out from our place in České Budějovice, we're heading the next challenge: Move from Czech Republic to Austria. Following the map, Linz was the best spot that we could have in Austria as next stop. It was medium size city, that looked nice by pictures, just 95km from České Budějovice. The best was that we could do 40km of the trip by train paying 1.50 euros. It was the same idea that we had to move from a Krumlov to Budějovice, the cheap Czech trains.

As you could presume this first part of trip was really relaxed. Go to the train station, buying a beer, waiting for the train, picking it up, enjoying the slow trip passing by the Czech countryside and arriving in the Czech Border to try to reach a ride. 

We arrived in the Rybník train station. It was in a really small village in the Dolní Dvořiště region, that I could count the houses by finger and we just decided to walk in the direction to the border to find a nice spot to hitchhike. In this Czech and warm day in this tiny village, we just found a bar that there were apparently nobody there, but it was still opened, maybe there were enough seats to fit everyone that was living around the bar and there I had the cheapest beer in a bar that I ever had in my life. For a good and cold Czech half-liter beer I just paid 50 cents of euros and chilled out with the girls enjoying the weather and the not that hard travel life.

If I wouldn't be traveling hitchhiking, I would never have this experience. This was remarkable.

After the beer time we were waking in the direction of the border and trying to hitchhike. This wasn't working in this place and we just decided keep walking in the direction of a nicer spot. This walk was actually great, during 30min we were in a local road full of trees in the both sides. 

This is the picture that I have for this moment: A peaceful road, all green around. Without this road crossing, I could easily be a forest, a wild place. There were almost no cars there. We were just us, chilling and enjoying the walk. 

Our moment was broken for a great reason. A guy just stopped us in a small car without back seats. There was just a wooden board in the back of the car that Nadine and I were sitting there for 15min. We were having a nice adventure, like surfing inside a car. I felt myself in an attraction from an amusement park. The cool thing is that in fact this guy didn't really have space, but kindly he offered us the help. It's fascinating how someone that doesn't have a lot, have the tendency to share more than who has.  Super appreciable. 

This saved us to walk about 1h walking in this peaceful road. Super cool guy, we just needed to say goodbye again and stand in the highway showing our fingers to find the next car.

This moment we needed to wait longer, even seem to be easy, once it was really close from the Austrian border and Linz was the closest medium city from there.

Gladly after few minutes, a guy just picked us up. He was going to half of the way to Linz. Few minutes later he was dropping us in a gas station next to the highway. Once we were in Austria already, we just needed to travel more 20km to arrive in Linz. 

 Our peaceful road

The unknown village

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