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A rich homeless

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segunda-feira, 19 de março de 2018

Graz - Austria - #39HT

We weren't hitchhiking this time, but traveling by bus in Austria was a nice trip as well. Crossing the mountains and these crazy long tunnels that we spent several minutes inside. The roads were really great ones that even crossing the mountains, the trip was fast. It was 200km in less than 3h. I remember that when I needed to travel in Chapada Diamantina in Brazil, an amazing place full of hills, a trip of 100km could make me travel for more than 2 hours sometimes. These roads aren't really the best ones; I can't really make the comparison.

After this short trip we were in our second stop in Austria: Graz. This city that even without the Danube River was even nicer than Linz.

Graz in fact is the second biggest city in Austria, just smaller than Vienna and it's a student city as well with more than 44 thousand students. Also for centuries Graz was politically and economically the most important city for the Slovenes, even more than Ljubljana.

Graz is also the city that the terminator actor, ex governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger former professional bodybuilder started his training to become a bodybuilder. He recently founded a museum there called with his name.

Old buildings in this Austrian-German architecture surrounded the old town and a hill in the middle of the city that you could see how beautiful the city was. It had a really strong contrast with the modern architecture at the same time. Kunsthaus Graz for instance that it is a huge art gallery in the shape of this balloon aircrafts made by black glass windows made in so many different curves. At night the window facade had synchronized lights that could show shapes, draws and words. Another one was the Murinsel, a an artificial floating island in the Mur River that has one amphitheater and two bridges connecting it to the riversides, everything made by steel.

Hours walking in the city made me feel really good. I really appreciated this time, going up in the hill having this entire city just in front of my eyes. It was really relaxing moment. Think about that there was an Elevator to go up and down of the hill that you needed to pay for it. I wouldn't definitely have enjoyed it as much as my walk. Built in 1712 the Clock Tower that was in the top of the hill is the post card picture of the city. In fact this hill was a fortress in the past called as Schlossberg.

Having nice walks in the city you could enjoy this moment a lot.

I'll show you what I registered in some pictures.


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