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A rich homeless

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quinta-feira, 15 de março de 2018

Linz - Austria - #36HT

After a good night of sleep we didn’t see our host again, once he left early in the morning. We were really grateful for everything. It was the time to walk around the nice city of Linz in the daylight. The historical part of the city is really nice. The city was founded by the Roman Empire in AD 799,  but it already existed before with the name Lentia. It was a government city of the Holy Roman Empire and it was already the most important city of the Empire for few years, when Habsburg Emperor Friedrich III was living there. It was the area that the dictator Adolf Hitler spent 9 years of his youth life. Some stories say that he considered Linz as his hometown and during his dictatorship period he invested a lot in the local economic, making the city industrialized just in few years. But as you know Hitler wasn't really a good guy, just 20km from the city there was the Mauthausen-Gusen concentration camp that killed around 122,766 and 320,000 Soviets and Polishes respectively.

In fact the Nazi influence was so strong that the city started the denazification just after 1945 and it was the first city in Austria to deal intensively with the affected that the Nazism against to the Humanity. Just the Holocaust killed 17 million people in Europe. It was the time that almost 1% of the entire population in the world was killed just by a nation. I'm not even talking the over 60 million that died in the 2nd world war (3% of the world). None war today kills this amount of people, that's why it was called as World War.

In Linz 39 streets and 17 traffic areas were renamed and just after the war was founded there the first Jewish Documentation Center.

In 2009 with Vilnius, Linz was elected the European Capital of Culture and since 2014 the UNESCO made the city member of Creative Cities (UCCN) network as a City of Media Arts.

The city just looked great and like many cities in Germany carry sad memories about an insane past that they had, now life is just flowing in another direction. You need to understand the mistakes of our ancestries are never going to be our faults. The fact that I was born in Brazil, you in Germany and a guy in Central Africa and a girl in India, it's just about lucky.

We don't choose where we were born and then we shouldn't carry the faults of our ancestries in our back. We do our own story. I really hope that when you see a German the first thing that you'll come to your mind won't be the Nazism. They just born there by lucky and they responsible for his own actions. What's sad to see is that some people didn't really learn with the past or never studied history in a wide perspective and are making the same (mistake) that their ancestries made. The Nazism is forbidding around the world, but there are still the neo-Nazis. In Germany you can find them, but don't let this small amount of insane guys generalize how Germans are. For the neo-Nazis I can give to them the responsibility of 17 million men, women and kids that were murdered in the Holocaust. If you are neo-Nazis and aren’t white or a Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, Serbian, French, Belgium, Dutch, Greek, gypsy, Italian or if you're LGBT, mental or physical disable, African background, Jew or if you have any religion that's not paganism or politic position against to the Nazism (Socialist, Capitalist, Republicans, Communist, Anarchist or whatever) being a Neo-Nazis, fitting in any of these groups, you should just give your propriety to the government, become labor and sexual slave, allow other to make medical experiment and be free to be murdered in many different ways. Don't forget to invite your friends.

In Germany, there are still 26,000 from the extreme right wing that share similar ideas from the Nazism period and 6,000 Neo-Nazis. Don't forget, there 80 million people living in Germany. The Neo-Nazis are just 0,008% of the population. Germans are actually great, most of my remarkable interactions until now was with Germans. Somehow there is Brazilian-German connection that I can't explain, but if I have to make a list of the top 5 people that influenced my life mostly in the past 3 years, 3 of them would be Germans.

The negatively Nazi influence in Linz didn't change my feeling from the City, until now my first and best experience in Austria.


Btw, I'm not ashamed to share my Wikipedia references


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