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A rich homeless

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sexta-feira, 30 de março de 2018

Ljubljana - Slovenia - #46HT

It's time to talk about Ljubljana, the city we that spent just 2h walking around. Once we were going to meet my first Couchsurfing host that I had in my life in Bled. We just sent a message to a guy that we found in the Prevoz website to pick us up.

In fact it was really short the time that we spent there. For all the cities that I've been in Europe, Ljubljana is one most the most beautiful one that I've been. It's a really green city full of history and nice spots to see. 

It's in fact a prehistorically city where the first inhabitants arrived there in 2000 B.C. The oldest wooden wheel in the world was found there in 2002. The land is mentioned in the Prehistoric, Antiquity, Middle ages, early and late modern and also in the contemporary period. The first time that the Ljubljana name was mentioned, it was 800 years ago.

It's not just a beautiful historic town, also a really green one. In 2014 and 2016 Ljubljana won the European Green Capital Award for the sustainable vision, the rage of urban green measures, the impressive transportation network and the quality of life there.

After few minutes walking around I could see how green the city was and the main attractions in a city located in beginning of the Balkans.

I would love to spend longer time there and it's still in my wish list of cities to visit in Europe, even if I already been there already.

Bled was what I needed in this moment. After visiting middle size cities, to set down in a quiet village full of nature spots to see was the best option for the moment. However few hours in Ljubljana bought my heart. I highly recommend you to stop there, not for just few hours, but for longer. Pictures can express my feeling better about it.



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