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A rich homeless

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quinta-feira, 29 de março de 2018

Maribor - Ljubljana - #44HT

After my confusion with dates that made our trip in Maribor be shorter, we still needed to find out how we could reach the train station to move to Ljubljana.

We basically asked around how to reach the train station, not having a hard time with language skills. The impression that I had was that in Slovenia a lot of people have fair English skills that made the communication be possible.

The way to the train station was fine. We need to walk around 30min from the point that we were to there. There was a sport car's fair in a public area in the way that we stopped for few minutes to check it out. In the beginning I wasn't really interested to stop there, but Cris was really excited in checking the fair, but afterwards I really liked it. I had some memories from my childhood that I was really fascinated in sport cars, watching auto racing, having toys and checking some magazines as well.

It was a kind of nostalgic moment that I didn't even plan to experience it. Thanks for my Cousin's friend for making it happens.

Afterwards we just arrived in the train station and there was just a last train leaving in one hour. We couldn't find any information about the schedule before, once we didn't have Internet but luckily we still had this last option. The only problem was that this train after traveling almost 3 hours for just 120km it would arrive after midnight in Ljubljana and we would have a hard time to arrive in our Airbnb place once the public transport wouldn't be available anymore.

We texted to our Airbnb guy explaining the situation and friendly he offered to pick us up in the train station in Ljubljana, saving our life. He didn't need to do it; his responsibility was giving us just a place to stay. There are so many great people in the world that still help each other without expecting anything back and it was just a small example. I don't have to mention all the experiences that I had doing Hitchhiking and Couchsurfing. Hitchhiking riders normally are not expecting anything back from the Hitchhikers, they just want to help. Who uses Couchsurfing, in a proper way, isn't expecting anything back either. That's how we become more humans.

We were safe this night and we just needed to caught the last train of the night that had few changes that made our 120km has the duration of almost 3 hours. I met two shy and cool guys that were on the train. They were coming back from a soccer game between Maribor and Ljubljana that their soccer team, Maribor, just lost it. It was a nice time that they shared their beers with us and taught us some Slovenian words that it was my first contact with Balkans languages. In this trip I learned a lot of Balkan words, mixed between Slovenian, Croatian and Bosnian that made me be able to say few samples sentences and words after this trip. I would say now that after Portuguese, English, Spanish, French, German and Italian, the Croatian language is the one that I know more words. Thanks for my Balkan trip!

After saying goodbye to our new friends we just met our Airbnb guy that saved our life explaining us few things about Ljubljana. That It was the greenest city in Europe and everything about the quality of life that people use to have there. Being our tourist guide, he was also picking up a couple that was going to stay in their place as well. Exchanging experiences, this great guy just dropped us in his place and brought the keys wishing a good night.

This day that the plan just changed, it allowed us to have great experiences, from the Sport car's fair to the Slovenian guys that we met in the train. Everything works for a reason.

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