Maribor - Slovenia - #43HT - A Rich Homeless

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A rich homeless

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sábado, 24 de março de 2018

Maribor - Slovenia - #43HT

Here we are, safe, after arriving in our first destination in Slovenia, Maribor. The city with a little bit less than 100 thousand inhabitants and it was the first historical mention was almost 800 years ago.

In fact it's a historical city that we could see its charm after few minutes walking around.
It was not like big cities with so many attractions too see and friend of mine that I was going to meet in the day after advised me don't visit there, because there weren't so many things to see. I wasn't really carrying about how many attractions a place has since I started my trip and Maribor was still being a place that I would like to check.

This night we didn't have a place to stay yet and we were searching for someone in Couchsurfing to host us. In the last case we would book an Airbnb, but for living the local experience, CS would be the best option.

Once we were traveling in another country, we didn't have Internet in the phone to send requests and check who declined or accepted us. We need to find some WIFI available to connect the Internet. We didn't find any public one that was working in the city and we need go to a bar that had WIFI. A beer in a hand and the cellphone in another one I was checking that a guy replied "maybe". He was living out of the city and we need to find a way to reach there. However when I was checking my mobile notifications there was a message from Airbnb. When I opened it, the message was a guy from Ljubljana asking which time I would arrive in the city. This was kind of bad. 

Momentarily I was thinking that the guy was confusing the dates, but when I checked carefully, I was the wrong one. Basically I booked a room for this night in Ljubljana, city that we were planning to visit in the second day. Once I booked it in the wrong date not having so many options we need to reach to Ljubljana this night. Our Couchsurfing expectations were dead in this night and we just went to the train station to take a train to Ljubljana.

I was really busy moving from a place to another in the past days, catching some free WIFI to plan the trip that my mistake made my trip shorter in Maribor.

It's small city, but really charming with a perfect view in the riverside seeing the river, bridge and the medieval houses in the background.

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