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A rich homeless

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quinta-feira, 22 de março de 2018

Pit stop - #42HT

We were just a tiny step to arrive in Maribor and in this sunny day that we had plenty of time to travel we just sit in terrace in a restaurant in this gas station that we could sit and relax.

Checking the menu we could see the big difference between prices in Austria and Slovenia. Even being the richest country in of Eastern Europe Slovenia was still cheaper than any western country in Europe.

We were in a gas station and normally places like that has higher prices than shops or restaurants in the city. But paying 5 euros for a Ćevapi and a beer was still affordable. I didn't know yet but Ćevapi would be street food that I would have often in this trip.

This moment was the most relaxing of the day. We could just relax in this sunny day having a Balkan street food and a beer, being sure that in few minutes we would arrive in Maribor.

Come on, we were just 15km from Maribor in a gas station and probably a lot of people were going to Maribor, the biggest city around. A lot of the hitchhikers use to tell me that gas station is the best stop to find a ride. I don't know what was going on with me, but big gas stations were never really easy for me and this time it didn't work at all.

This great moment of beer and food just finished and we went back to the reality. We need to face the same reality that we started in the beginning of the day and wow, this was so bad. After hours in the station asking for drivers and holding our signal we got so exhausted and pessimist, this 15km were harder than we could imagine. 

There was a train station close from there and we decided to try to reach the train, since 3h walking in the highway didn't seem to be a wise option in this moment.

We still needed to walk 2km to the train station and guess what, In this short walk a guy just stopped his car asking if we were needing some help and guess where he was going: Maribor.

Seriously, everything that happens is related with how the universe is connected with you and how you're connected with the universe. Gas station could be the best option, but walking randomly next to a small road, not even showing the signal was more efficient that staying in the "best spot" for few hours.

My personal lesson is something like: keep working in something, keep searching, but being open at the same time to move when you feel like then good things are going to come to you. My knowledge is really limited about these subjects, I'm still searching for so many answers, but I believe that everything in the universe is so much connected that our 5% of conscious brain normally can't see clearly these connections. Over time I'm giving more and more space to myself to feel more than see. Letting my intuitive side and my soul live more intensively the moment than my eyes are capturing.

Thanks for the universe; this time I had the gift of this non-expected driver than just dropped us in the Maribor city center.

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