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A rich homeless

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quinta-feira, 15 de março de 2018

Saint Phillip - #35HT

No dude, today I'm not going to talk about one of the Christ's disciples. It's the time to talk about another guy that god sent to us in this night. 

Once you know that earlier we didn't have a place to stay, once we couldn't afford pay more than 100 euros to sleep one night in Linz. This was just really generous, providing us not just a place to stay, but also an experience will be recorded in my mind for long time.

First of all, he apologize us because he had to go out and he couldn't stay there to receive us in the time that we were already free to go. It wouldn't be a big deal. We could just wait until he arriving there. However Saint Phillip just taught us a strategic way how to go inside his place earlier. A picture with instructions where we could get the keys of the apartment and where was his place.

Simply, but admirable. We just followed his instructions and went inside his with a big living that he was sharing with other flatmates. That's what I love in the Couchsurfing experience. It's how someone can trust in a person that he/she never met before. It starts when this person is going to share the same place that you live. Probably most of your valuable objects are located there. It's your private space that not so many people know, but your sharing in few days almost everything with this person. It definitely can't fit in most of people's mind. I heard so many questions from family, friends about how safe I would be guesting or hosting some unknown traveler. How do I know that I can trust in this person? Dude, it's about experiences and feelings. For understanding it, you need to open your mind and let your logic part of your brain gives space to the intuitive one. This is the moment that you see less and feel more. You just need let yourself feel how intensive are the energies moving around.

Phillip didn't just trust us to stay in his place, but he also let us to stay in his place by ourselves. In this I wasn't as expert as I'm now in CS. I started to use it often to host and be hosted just 6 months before my trip and I didn't have so many references and I was inviting my two previous hosts to join me, one of them had few references and the another one never used Couchsurfing before. He ignored all of these facts and just opened his doors.

Feeling really welcomed in his place, even without him, we went out to grab some food to make a dinner for him. After few minutes he arrived and we started to cook some kind of Thai food that I don't believe that he really liked, because I didn't, maybe nobody didn't like it, but the intention was the best one. We should try to make a Brazilian dinner this night, but we didn't find what we wanted in the supermarket.

After our "Thai dish", he invited us to grab a beer in a bar next to his place. Why not? Here we were, walking in the direction of the bar, until we realizing that the bar was a boat. If you're European, it's nothing new for, but as Brazilian I've never been in Bar/Restaurant/Club in a boat. This was my first time. It was actually a big one with all of space inside for the clients. Also there was perfect view to the Danube River, that during the night the colorful lights of Ars Electronica Center were just making this spot even nicer, that in the daylight was already  amazing.

We spent a great time having cheap beers with him and his friends, something like a group with 12 people. In fact I probably spoke more with some of his friend than with the own “saint”, he left and we were still hanging out with him for while. What I can say about this experience? Fantastic! My first hours in Austria were being just great and from a homeless night to amazing experience I just have to be grateful. Thanks dude! Good vibes for you!

This river always being nicer


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