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A rich homeless

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segunda-feira, 5 de março de 2018

Social Media - From Inside to outside - #28HT

Everything started with a gently guy that was the owner of the Airbnb flat that we've rented. We just arrived in the train station and we would need to walk about 40min to arrive in the flat, but this guy just offered to pick us up and drive us there. That was my first good impression how friendly and helpful Czech can be in "local" cities.

I'm talking about local city, because this was the first non touristic city in Czech Republic that I've stayed, for overnight staying. I planned to stop there, because the location in the way to the Balkans and interested in knowing an unknown city. Once I've said before, I use to choose cities that I'll travel just looking where it geographically is located and see if it's viable to go there.

The girls agreed to come with me, and then it became real. Our guy just picked us up and drove us to the place that we stayed. He was cool, friendly, but not a man with so many words. Not talkative I mean, but sometimes you can feel someone by connection, by energy, not necessarily by words.

Once we were in the flat I seriously was impressed the difference from outside to inside. Basically from outside it looked like ruins and we weren't sure if the pictures that we saw online looked like the flat in the real life. But surprisingly it was big renewed flat from inside. Thing that we needed actually need, but it was the cheapest place that we could find, once Couchsurfing didn't work.

The idea was really interesting in fact. It's something like that you have such a great place to live, but nobody knows that. I seriously liked the idea that makes we feel and think that the good things that we have, we don't need to share it with everyone as a prize.

I'm talking about everything, from a nice house or your new brand car that normally you don't even need it. Think about a sportive car in a city with a lot traffic jam, or a house with 5 rooms for a family with 3 people.

In fact it just starts in your Facebook picture or your instagram picture that you're sharing with other while you're having a coffee in a nice cafe in Paris having your cappuccino with few hashtags with motivation words combined in different languages. Maybe saying to the "world" how happy, sad, frustrated, thoughtful, amazed or however you think that you're feeling.

Put me in a contradiction, I've done it so many times that I can't count and I still do it sometimes. I assume it and I understand it. I'm not "cured" yet from the social media illness, but at least I know that I'm sick and I'm trying to cure myself little by little.

One day I was watching myself sharing ”my life” with people that I don't even know 20% of them, probably just 5% of them know where I live. I believe that from 1424 Facebook friends, I just talk daily with 5 of them, weekly maybe 25, monthly maybe 50. What I'm saying is that about 3% of my friends have monthly conversations with me. The fact that I'm keeping sharing posts that I don't contribute positively for none of these sides, the one that's posting and the one that's seeing it. It makes no sense in what we are doing. Cool, you some get 100 likes from your cappuccino picture, some people are going to admire you for 5s of their life and your life bar was refilled.

I basically stopped to share my personal life in Facebook since October of 2017. I could feel that these likes of my pictures wasn't giving any positive value. In fact for me stop to update my personal life to people that didn't really care about me, made see who was the ones that really cared, the ones that asking sometimes how I'm doing.

I'm still using Instagram, less often than before, but still using. What changed with me as well, that I don't really feel comfortable doing selfies as before, in fact I don't know how to smile for a picture. I could deeply see my fake smile in some pictures. One day I went to check some pictures in the Instagram and I swear, from so many self-pictures of "my friends", I could barely see a genuine smile. In that moment I saw our faces are trying to show to the world something doesn't really show who we are.

Selling happy moments when we were feeling frustrated and sad. Trying to show our successful married or relationship is and the fact we hate each other. Showing some prizes to the world just to collect hundreds likes and change instantaneity our mood. Showing your new car that most of your friends wouldn't have the chance to buy, taking a selfie in the mirror with your new Iphone X, making the marketing of famous brands to show how you fit well in the society, showing that you had enough money to buy a expensive meal in a fancy restaurant or holding a 15 euros Gin and Tonic in a club that you can't really afford to buy it. I don't know if you ever think about how these likes changed your life.

I'm not against to social medias. They are great to be a platform to share information and ideas like I'm doing it now. Without social medias you would never be able my reach my articles, I would never be able to share my mind with you.

I'm just saying that as the house that I stayed in České Budějovice, we don't need to share everything with everyone and in a worse situation showing to be someone that we really are not. Changing our realities from our real life to a virtual one.

Dude, I'm still using social medias, but what I'm sharing with you is exactly what's coming to my mind now.


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