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A rich homeless

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segunda-feira, 12 de março de 2018

You and I - #31HT

Good time in Czech Republic for now. This was time to move again. Everything there just happened there in 2 days.

Two intense days. It's crazy how a short period of living time sometimes seems to be longer than a long period of time. Like these two days seemed like living a week or these first weeks traveling seems like living months already. 

In my blog once I wrote about how my 2017 for me could be fit in at least 10 days, maybe an entire life... It was so many experiences that I would spend years writing about it in a detailed and reflexive way that I'm writing about this trip that I'm having, that was just 10% of my year. 

Sometimes I catch myself spending the entire week in room, going to the University or doing some other stuff and in the ending I can't even see what I've done. I don't think about it, because it was just one more normal week that just passed. Like everything was so repetitive in a daily routine, normally without remarkable moments. 

Have you ever met someone that in few days you had the feeling that you already knew this person since longer time ago? This is result from the break of the routine. Our brain, full of new information, just starts to work differently. There are millions small and heavy information been sent to us every second. You can just leave from your automatic way of living, allowing yourself to absorb all of these new interactions there are hunting for you.

Depending of the kind of travel that we are having, we can feel exactly the same thing. Living one day traveling can make us feel that we did more things than in the weekly life that we studied, worked... 

Advice, always try to travel and recharge your life bar. After one short or long trip I will be maybe physically tired, but my mind will probably be renovated. That's why I use to say that I always needed to travel. Unconsciously my brain already knew it since longer. I spent most of the money that I earn in my life traveling. Seriously, since 18, when I received my first salary. Even in the USA where I had some money saved from my previously job or the good pocket money from the scholarship that I was doing. I could buy so many things or I could save this money to use when I went back to Brazil. However my decision was spending most of this money traveling. In one year and half I visited half of the American states, thing that I didn't find in any American that I've met until now. If I would have chance to do everything that I've did, I would definitely do it again.

Now that the conscious part of my brain knows it as well, I'm trying to optimize it. I knew that my I really loved travel, but overtime I was learning how to make this passion more and more enjoyable. I had you as a lover, I already knew that I loved you, but I'm everyday looking for a way to make this relationship stronger, this love more intense and enjoyable. For both of us. For you and I.

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