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A rich homeless

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sábado, 7 de abril de 2018

Bled - Novo Mesto - #50HT

Bled was my big break during this trip once I was traveling in cities. Even being in medium-small cities during my trip, there were still a lot of urban interactions and spending hours walking in the countryside and around the lake made me feel in piece and relaxed. The absence of urban interactions made my soul cleaner. Spending this 24h in this quiet paradisiac place charged my bar life and made me feel energetic again to keep traveling.

We didn't do that much after coming back to the hostel in Lesce, just spending a nice night, talking, eating and enjoying the moment. In fact Lesce was really tiny that the only things that there were just houses, two supermarkets and this hotels that we were.

The day after was the moment that we need to choose a destination. Coming back to Ljubljana would be a nice idea, once we didn't spend that longer time there, but we were looking for some cities around and in this mood to spend time in quieter places and Novo Mesto, a city after Ljubljana, got my attention. I just goggled some pictures and I saw that it would be a nice spot to go. Our next spot afterwards would be a Capital, Zagreb, staying in a small city was the best shot for this time.

I thought about to spend one more day in Bled as well, but my friend needed to leave and we decided to go with her afterwards to Ljubljana getting the same Prevoz with her.

Cool stuff, the driver didn’t have license to drive in the highway and our trip was longer than we expected, because he needed to drive in small roads. In fact it was cool, because we could cross the Slovenian small roads seeing great landscapes. Afterwards arriving in Ljubljana, my sister's friend just picked her up in a bakery that we were waiting together, then going back to her village. One more goodbye, one more time wishing to see each other again soon.

The measure of time is crazy. Again, this 24h that I left from Ljubljana, went to Bled, spent this great day and just came back to Ljubljana, seemed like a experience in couple of days.

The trip from Ljubljana to Bled was the simplest that we could have. We tried to hitchhike, but after 2 hours trying we just got a Prevoz. The hitchhiking trying was really bad, the spot that we were was the wrong exit, that even indicated us the way to Novo Mesto in different directions, but a local just adverted us that nobody takes this roads to go there. Anyway traveling quietly this 70km we were waiting to see what Novo Mesto, unknown city in Slovenia, could show us.

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