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A rich homeless

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sexta-feira, 6 de abril de 2018

Bled - Slovenia - #49HT

Time to talk about "the spot" of my trip. The most beautiful landscape that I saw during this trip and I can say that it's one of the best views that I had in my entire life.

Bled is just magic, like a fairy tale place. I could see this place being scene of movies. Just try to imagine a huge green lake with an island in the center and a castle in a hill just in the border of the lake.

I decided to go to Bled just two days before. My Slovenian friend just insisted that I should go there and I accepted her suggestion after some hesitation. North of Slovenia wasn't in the route of my trip to Croatia and sometimes I used to be really rational in my route. However my wild and unplanned side spoke louder few times that gave me the chance to have amazing experiences.

If I didn’t accept her invitation I would miss the chance to see one of the most amazing places that I've seen. It's one the reasons why I became easy-going. In the way that I'm opened for most of the invitations that I use to receive. 

I'm constantly interested in having new experiences. This big contrast makes my brain to implode. This bunch of new interactions makes my brain works really fast and intense and there is always space for something new.

Opening myself I could learn how to paint, how to be a bartender, how to write, how to dance, how to talk with people in their local language, how to realize that I really like some styles of music, how to respect people, how to understand different point of views and how to understand how our society works. It made me see what I like and I didn't know, because I never experience it before.

Trust me strongly, when you will open yourself to experiences and new things you'll be able to learn more about yourself, see what you like and what you don't. It's going to make you avoid a big frustration that I can have in future, when you'll see that I have missed a lot experiences before that could give you so much pleasure. In fact your subconscious know you, it knows what make you feel good, what make you excited and what give pleasure to you. However we can't access this part of the brain easily and it's going to show you these good feelings when you'll be closer from your real target.

The self-knowledge is the biggest goal that you can reach in your life. Once you start to find it out, you will start as well to know how to live well with yourself.

My new experience in Bled provided me big pleasure and excitement and it can happen any situation, positively or negatively, but trust me, once your mind is opened, most of the experiences are going to be pleasured. 

For finishing it, some memories that I have from Bled registered by photos. 


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