Cemetery - Zagreb - #59HT - A Rich Homeless

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A rich homeless

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sexta-feira, 27 de abril de 2018

Cemetery - Zagreb - #59HT

That's a sad subject to talk about. That's how we see a cemetery. A place that some people could afford to pay for a space and a stone that you can be remembered by your family/friends for the eternity.

What you guys don’t know is that Cemetery in fact is meaningless, at least for me now, maybe afterwards for you as well after reading it.

The act of bury bodies started 15000 years ago in the region that is the actual Morocco, where people use bury dead bodies inside caves.

However just in the 7th century it started to become more popular, when the Catholic Church started to control most the burials. That's where everything started.

In this time you need to be catechized in the Catholic Church. Meaning that you need to be baptized and have a catholic education as well. The only exceptions were babies that had catechized parents.

It's like that, if you weren't catholic you didn't have the right to be buried in the catholic funeral. Also if you committed any crime against the Catholic Church you couldn't have this "privilege". Crimes? Like heresy, for instance if you’re saying that our planet has a round shape. Great reasons.

It's still not the most relevant fact. You could choose any religion to make a bury celebration or something like that. But even if you're catholic, in this period if you wanted to have a stonemason, you need to be someone notable in the society and have enough money to pay for it then having the nice souvenir from our death. By the way, it makes me remember the current period that we're living.

If you couldn't afford it, you could still buy a headstone with your name, kind of middle class from today. But in this time if you were poor, you would be buried in the ground with wood cross, where your body would be deteriorated afterwards. By the way I don't see anything wrong on it, I would prefer to be buried in this way.

This was called as a place of worship, but for me it was just a way that the Catholic Church was making money.

The time passed, but things are not that different. In the USA the average cost of a Funeral, the last souvenir to the dead body, is about $9000 dollars. In fact how much your family is going to pay for you after you're died can be $800 dollars if you're from Russia, but it can also be $80000 dollars if you're from Japan.

Honestly for me this just a capitalist way how to make money out of the people's death. Everyone that can't afford to pay a funeral is going to still fit in the statistic of people that in the 7th century couldn't pay for it. They'll be buried in simple places that they body are going to deteriorated quickly. That's how I would like to be bury one day or I could just donate my organs and burn my body afterwards.

Everything that we can do is while we're still alive. Nothing matters after our death. I don't really see I reason for the family keeps paying to keep a dead body without any life in a special place. In São Paulo, city in Brazil, we need to pay normally from $200 to $800 for each meter square and pay regularly some fees to maintain the cemetery.

Honestly, I prefer that my family use this money to make more important things in their life, like travel, study, repair the house. I don’t know, the fact that I'll be dead means that nothing that happened after my death is going to chance my life anymore, meaning that I don't need a funeral or headstone.

It seems a sad subject to talk, right? Not really, just think that you're still alive and you can do so many things to contribute positively to the society. You're still breathing, you can still love, you can still see how beautiful is this world and who is living here as well, just enjoy it once you're alive, because afterwards the headstone isn't change anything in your life.

Why am I talking about it now? Well, I just visited with Nikola and my Aunt's friend a beautiful and immense cemetery in Zagreb that inspired to write about it.

Check it out some pictures and never forget to enjoy every second of your life.




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